My Family Is NUTS!!!

I truly believe that my family is crazy, bonkers, and maybe even insane. Now some people may disagree with me on this issue by saying ?VeAnna, their just misunderstood, or different, or maybe they just like to cut loose?. I on the other hand know them very well and I say that they are dysfunctional, and embarrassing to be around. Now don?t get me wrong I love them to piece?s I just can?t be around them for long periods of time. I have to take them in small doses. Maybe get together once a year for family outing and sometimes that is even pushing it to the limit. I don?t want people to get the wrong impression about my family and say I am being overly dramatic, so let me give you a brief insight on one of the many incidents that have happened while I was with my family. We were all at a family get together in the park having a nice time, when one of my cousin?s daughters came and told my (over the top aunt) that some little boy hit her (I am sure this was a mistake). Now that being said the normal reaction to this situation would be what? Ask her was she ok, Then maybe talk with the boy?s parent?s right. Wrong my aunt took it a pond herself to go and start a full on battle with the little boy?s family in the park. She didn?t want to talk about the situation that happened with the boy?s family or even us for that matter she just wanted to fight, Mind you we did not know any of these people she began to fight. Now it was about 25 of us and 15 of them and she starts fighting the mother of the little boy. Do you think any of my family tried to stop her? No what did they do, Join in the fight because they did not like that fact that the little boy?s family tried to break it up. So needless to say we are no longer welcomed at that particular park anymore. And that is just one example of my family?s craziness; they are a bit of a handful at times but they are still mines. So Yes I believe that my family is crazy, bonkers and maybe even a little insane, but I still love them (from a distance) because at the end of the day they made me who I am.