I have not ever had a good experience with writing, although I?m equipped
With a large vocabulary. But even then it is not properly displayed because I also
Am very inept when it comes to spelling. So writing is not one of my passions,
But I enjoy reading, and hope to elevate my writing proficiency in the future , at
least enough to get through college. As for English I abhor it, it is my least favorite
area of study. I?ve just barley passed all my English classes in the past, ive never
failed but have come close. My grammar is atrocious I have no clue what a semi
colon is for and have used spell check approximately fifteen and a half times in this
first paragraph. And write now im trying to figure out how to fill up the rest of this
paper, since this is going to ware I suppose ill put a band aid on it and stop the
Bleeding . thank your for listening.