My best literacy experience had to be when one of my friends introduced me to the series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. The series consists of five books that tell the story of a boy named Percy Jackson and his discovery of why he is special and his place in the mythological world. The series displays intense action, mystery and suspense among other aspects of literature. Percy is constantly on the move, always needing to watch out for the next mythological monster attempting to kill him and protect the mythological world from being taken over and destroyed.
In the first book The Lighting Thief Percy attends a school called Yancy Academy. Also attending Yancy Academy is his best friend Grover Underwood, who accompanies him on his journey. This first book is where he discovers that he is what is called a demi-god, which is a child that has one parent who is human and the other a god. The action in this book is that he has to find Zeus?s master lightning bolt; he has to travel all around the United States to search for the objects and information to find the lighting bolt. In this process, Poseidon, who is the god of the sea, reveals himself to be Percy?s father.
The second book The Sea of Monsters is more eventful due to the fact that most of the characters have already been introduced. Percy?s journey as a demi-god continues, at the camp where he resides, Camp Half-Blood, the magical tree or Thalia?s tree, which protects the land from mythical monsters is dying. Percy?s enemy Clarissa is appointed the journey to go find the Golden Fleece, which is the only thing that can save the tree. It is located on the island of Polyphemus, which is located in the Bermuda Triangle. Percy however takes it upon himself to go find it as well. In the end they all retrive the Golden Fleece and revive the tree, as well as the person within the tree, Thalia Grace, Zues?s daughter.
The third book The Titan?s Curse a couple of new characters are introduced. Nico di Angalo and Bianca di Angalo are the two main characters introduced, Bianca joins Artimise?s Hunters while Nico remains with Percy at the camp. Bianca, Zoe Nightshade, Grover and Theila go on a quest for Artimis. Percy is not suppose to go on this quest with them, however he makes the decision to secretly follow them. They travel several places and in the end Nico gets angry at Percy for letting his sister Bianca die; when he gets angry Percy discovers that Nico is Hade?s son.
In the fourth book The Battle of the Labyrinth Percy and his friend Annabeth must travel through the Labyrinth to find a man named Deadelus, the man who created the Labyrinth. They do this to keep Luke from getting an object called Ariadne?s string, a string that helps sombody get through the Labyrinth without getting lost, due to the fact that it?s a maze that changes and grows on its own. Percy has a mortal girl, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, help him find Deadelus and the Ariadne?s string, because she can see the path to Deadelus just like the string would. However Luke gets the string and he attacks their beloved Camp Half-Blood; Grover comes in and saves the day though.
The final book The Last Olympian is the finall battle. The demi-gods battle against the gods, mirroring how the gods battled the titains years before. A powerful monster is released by one of the fallen titans, Kronos, who had regenerated himself through a demi-god. Forcing the gods to battle the monster leaving Olympus unprotected. This is where Luke and Percy battle; in the end of the battle Percy is forced to fufill his prophecy as one of the ?Big-Three?s? children. The ?Big-Three? consists of the three main gods, Hades, Zeus, and Posidon. The prophecy says that the eldest of the children of the big three is to decide the fate of the planet when they turn sixteen. During the battle between Percy and Luke, who is possesed by the titan Kronos, Annabeth tells Percy to give Luke his knife leaving Percy unprotected, which he does, and Luke stabs himself in the weak spot that was left after bathing in the River Styx, which makes a demi-god?s whole body impenetrable accept for