My room is one and only place where I carry out various leisure activities such as studying, watching films and television, listening to music, talking on the phone, surfing the internet, etc. I enjoy my bedroom because of the sanctuary it provides to me. It?s a unique place, where I can be safe. And it represents me. The things that characterize me the most in my room are the walls colors, the bedroom suit, and the decorations.
My walls are painted all off-white. The reason that I chose this color for my room is because it would be easy to match things with. As someone enters my room, the first thing that he or she will see is a dresser with a stylish design. In it lie all my clothes and personal belongings. Then on the other side of my room, a black television sits on the wall which I enjoy watching my favorite movies, and television shows. Opposite of that, I have a wooden bedroom suit. It have a KING size bed, a nightstand, they all match. The comforter on my bed is green, and white, and it is made by Polo Ralph Lauren. It describes my love for colors. Also right behind it is the room window, which has sparkly beige curtains. Next to my bed I have a nightstand where my stereo is on top of it; also on one of the drawers I have my favorite book. On the wall next to my bed, I have a huge sign that says "God leads my house", and around it are pictures of my family. Across from my bed I have my studying and relaxing area where I have a cherry desk with my laptop and printer. Right next to it I have a nice comfortable bamboo chair with reading books around it, and that\'s where I relax, read and study. Then I have a walk-in closet, where I have lots of shoes, clothes, school supplies, and personal belongings.
My favorite thing about my bedroom is the decorations. I have many paintings in my room. The one I like the most is a painting I bought while I was on a trip back from Haiti. It depicts a beautiful seaside and palm trees. Sometimes when I stare at the painting, it brings me back memories growing up in the island. I also have many trophies which belong to my kids? activities they participate in such as running, soccer, piano class, summer camp. I have lots of picture frames sitting in my room with memories that my friends and family have made throughout the years. The decorations in my room help to make me happy when I am in a bad mood.
My room is my absolute favorite rooms in the house. I have always enjoyed it because it describes so many aspects of my life. My family and I enjoy spending time in my room. We can always find something interesting to do.