Sexuality in music videos is widespread due its commercial function, as these videos attract the attention of the audience quickly and this sexual attraction provides a bases of conveying messages and drawing attention quickly. In this paper, I will give the background of a music video by the tittle "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo and generally highlight the effects of sexual music to the culture and society.
"Talk Dirty" is an album in Europe retitled for release in United States. Derulo in this song talks about making travels in the world and engaging in sex with w omen in everywhere you stations as all he understands here is the body of the woman. Women in this song are the major objects as we see them from different nationalities dressing scandalously and dancing proactively in every shot. Derulo is treating sex as something that can be marked off a checklist. His list is composed of women who after having sex with them dumps. Vertigo , the lady friend of Derulo collaborates with Derulo in this song resembling a romantic effect . This is a love describing song that gives Vertigo a motion sickness/disorder which brings in the effect of dizziness.
Sexual activities in music videos are evolving over time in the same way as network television or cable. They show a variety of sexual activities such as lip licking and pelvic thrusts . A mixture of R&B and hip-hops display sexual content many of the times.
Being exposed to sexual explicit promotes unfavorable reviews of women. The female performers generally result in to reduction of positive characters and increment of the negative ones. Romantic music videos is associated with predisposed state towards premarital sex, not regarding the gender (Sollie & Ruth, 1995) . Some arguments show that music videos bring in dangerous effects and the danger is sex-specific. The self-concepts of women are negatively affected and are not supported by any research. Popular music videos are of little or no effect on teenagers.
In pop music, homosexual references in this industry have been proposed by female artists and have rejected the framework that describes the industry. They have released music with portraying images of female homosexuality/bisexual ity that is attractive to many and these songs show a big inconsistency in presenting homosexuality. Although this presentation is currently in this music industry, there are gaps between the representations of gender of homosexua lity due to factors like lacking joyful male artists in the industry.
Music plays a significant duty in socializing the adolescents. The popularity of music artists affects the fans to acquire the imitable roles supporting the cultivation theory. Repeated exposure to sexual content which is contained in several forms of music hides the connection of reality and fiction for listeners (Brown & Jane, 2002) . It could be that the high rates of pregnancies in teenagers, HIV or the STIs is related to the exposure of music containing extreme levels of sexual content. It is that musicians create false reality on sexual activities and negative effects of being involved in sexual behaviors based on how they approve such behaviors in their videos and lyrics. The people watching then make decisions, also adopt the thinking processes and behave similar to the content in the music exposed. Frequent viewing of music videos relates to more sexu ally attitudes among listeners and as well the sexual references occur in the music videos.
These lyrics contain specific sexual quotations and messages and the women in the videos dress scantly and make suggestive dances (Kalof & Linda, 1999) . The lyrics also contain conductive messages of men expressing power over women sex being the top priority for men, objectifying the women who do not value themselves. Additionally, being exposed to such messages promote dangerous sexual behaviors . Again exposure to this sexual content in music has relations to the sexual activities and initiations being expected. The exposure also relates to timing of sexual relations and attitudes and engaging in risky behaviors. In addition, sexualized images increase the male negative perceptions about the female roles. Rap music has the highest contributions to health factors in today's society and it is