NHS has changed me. And being an NHS Officer has changed me even more. I have become a better person by serving as an officer because I now know how it is to go out of your way in order to help people. It has also made me more responsible and reliable. It also makes be balance my time better and be more efficient in not just my NHS work, but in everything.
If I could go back and change anything this trimester it would be to start on holiday decorations much earlier so we wouldn?t be so pressed for time now. I would also give out Member Data Sheets at the meetings and make them give it to me then instead of putting it in their mailboxes and trusting them to give them to me. The advice I would give next year?s officers is to do what I had described above. To start early on Holiday Decorations and to pass out Member Data Sheets at the Friday meetings.
If there are anyways to improve this chapter, they would be very small ones. I think Crestwood?s Chapter of NHS can improve by focusing more on the community?s needs. It can also improve by offering more events for the ?NHS crew? to volunteer for. And also one last way we could improve is to try and work something out and help the students who have a sport that takes 10 or more hours of the week. We should try to offer them the opportunities first or require less hours of them. For next year I don?t think that anything really needs to be changed, besides maybe to discuss what I said about sports. I would probably have liked it better to share the ?in charge? position for Holiday Decorations with another officer because I found it a bit stressful for me all by myself.
Someone should consider being an NHS officer because it teaches you how to control your life better. You also get to meet new people and do things you probably would?ve never done before. It also gets you closer with the other officers and provides you with opportunities you didn?t have otherwise.
One way to make our chapter of NHS more unified is to hold events just for us. Fun events like the Friday Fun Days at Riverside, but only for the ?NHS crew? because it would make us a little closer and make the members talk to each other more. A way for the officers to work together better is to make them get to know each other better. We could have dinners or movie nights for just the officers to hang out. For the executive board meetings, this year?s president started of the year with reminding everybody about the meeting the day before, Sunday afternoon. I found that that really helped with remembering. I personally don?t like filling out the Leadership Independent Study forms because they haven?t helped me and I don?t find it worthwhile to write out what we do every day. I think we could maybe just do the week goals form and say whether or not we achieved them and turn in that on sheet for the whole week.