Night Shift

Envision a dead-silent murky room with nothing to eye at aside from papers. Plentiful papers scattered about the room. With every tick of the clock, your eyelids descend further down; your palm is fiery like lava oozing down a recently erupted volcano, yet your fingertips are as frigid as the glacial lands of Antarctica. Even under these harsh conditions, you must still focus on the task at hand, studying for finals. These are the obstacles confronting Sean Wallace in his quest for academic excellence. Just when one has nothing left and prepared to give up, the words of Jimmy Valvano come into mind, "don?t give up, don?t ever give up."
It is Friday afternoon and a mentally exhausted Sean Wallace arrives home from school following a very long day of schoolwork with nothing on his mind besides finals, which will commence Monday.
"How was school Sean?" inquires Sean?s mother.
"Fine," replies Sean nonchalantly.
Suitably named Angel, she is Sean?s inspiration and comforter. She has devoted her entire life to her two kids, Sean and Sean?s older brother, Frank. Aside from inspiring and comforting Sean, Angel also motivates him by preaching to him that education is the means to a successful life.
Sean positions his burdensome backpack next to his bed and lies down for a moment to clear his head before starting homework.
"How am I going to get through next week," thinks Sean, "school alone puts enough stress upon every student?s shoulder, why do they have to test us at the end of each semester? Too much pressure, I can?t handle it, but I will not allow one ultimate obstacle to eclipse my hard work throughout the year.
"There are sandwiches on the table if you?re hungry," suggests Angel.
"No thanks mom, I do not have much of an appetite," answers Sean.
Sensing that something is disturbing Sean, Angel decides to talk to Sean to offer to ease his pain.
"Since we have gotten home today, you have not been acting normal, is something bothering you," questions Angel.
"Finals are starting Monday and I do not know how I am going to get through them without going crazy," explains Sean with a worried expression.
"Oh so that?s what?s tormenting you, well I recall when I was your age and I had to study for finals. I understand what you are going through, but you need not to worry about how you will get through the week because I know deep down inside you will do excellent."
"Easy for you to say since you?re not going to be studying into early morning."
"Look, you need to stop worrying and start being confident in yourself, believe in yourself. Don't declare goals unattainable because anything and everything is attainable, including an A on every one of those troublesome tests. You will persevere!"
"You know, you are right, I have had previous challenges where I thinks I could not possibly go on, but how did I? Henceforth, I will be confident and I will trust myself because I know my hard work will pay off someday. Thanks mom, you are always my Angel."
"Of course, that is what moms are for. Get something to eat and start studying."
The talk with Angel boosts Sean?s confidence level and he is ready to start studying. Angel gives Sean a motherly hug and leaves, so he can begin studying.
Nearing "judgement day," as Sean referred to the day of the finals, Sean proceeds to study profoundly without intermissions in order to acquire the best out of his study time. The telephone bursts into ringing and Sean?s father Richard goes to pick it up.
"Hello?" speaks Richard.
"Hi, is Sean there, this is Antawn."
"Yes hold on," Richard goes to get Sean, "hello?" repeats Sean.
"Hey Sean, me and the guys are going to go out to some party, you wanna role with us?"
"Nah, I can?t, these dumb finals are consuming all my time?alright?alright man, later."
After hanging up Sean resumes his studying and does not feel bitter about not going to the party with the guys. Fact after fact, paper after paper, Sean?s knowledge about the things that he has learned throughout the year grows. Sean studies hours up until his mother comes into the room and asks him to go eat dinner, however feeling the time constraint; Sean rejects his mother?s invitation to go eat dinner.
"You need a break, you have been studying non stop for too long," remarks