Through out life we go through experiences and these experiences change our perception of life in many different ways. There is this one thing we go through called a rite of passage, a rite of passage is a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone's that changes the way they see certain things. In class we read many stories and poems that told stories of the characters rite of passage.
In the story “Araby” a young man is love struck by Mangan’s sister. Everything he could want is in this girl she is his dream woman, perfect in his eyes. You can tell he thought she was beautiful because he says, “Her image accompanied me even in places the most hostile to romance.”(Joyce 394) When he goes to this city, that is seemed to be a land of riches to all of the people where he is from, he promises to bring her back a gift. In bazaar he looks for a gift that is rare and exotic and will surely win him her heart. He got to the city and saw they is wasn’t as everyone saw it and then even began to the girl who’s beauty out shined everyone in a different light. After we talked about the book in class we realized seeing the city for what it was helped him see people for who they really are and not the amazing image he has for them.
The story “Beauty” there are two young ladies who are friends and completely jealous of each other. One is a beautiful girl who has all the guys and is a struggling model. The other girl is a successful business woman who isn’t as pretty as her or as popular with the fellas as her friend but has a good job right out of school. Even though Carla says, “You are beautiful,” to Bethany she still doesn’t feel beautiful enough. (Martin 1200) The two find a genie and switch lives; this is how I took it when I read it. After switching they realize that no one’s life is better than the other the rite of passage in this is that after being able to walk in one another’s shoes the saw that all there were doing was seeing the bad in their lives and only the positive in the others life. This is what happens to most of us we are only looking for new problems in life their problems are played out and they are tired of the same old thing.
The poem “Ethics” is about this girl who has a class where the teacher asks the students to put them self in situation, “If there were a fire in a museum which would you save, a Rembrandt painting or an old woman who hadn’t had many years left anyhow?”(Pastan 1121) The kids in class never took it serious and would give all kinds of answers. As the girl got older she never really thought much of it but one day she was in a museum and found herself in front of a Rembrandt paint and thought of the situation from her ethics class. She sat there wondering now being an older lady what if that happened what would the member of the younger generation do save her or the painting. This was her rite of passage she saw that it was less of a joke than they made it out as it is a real issue that the younger generation is all that is left to help the older generation. She found herself wondering if she did right by the older generation or not if she did her part and hopes that those younger than her will do theirs.
All of these stories/poems all have their own sorts of rite of passage but they all end pretty much the same way. They help the people become better and or help them do what’s the right thing in life. They didn’t all end well like say the one in “Beauty” but it helps us realize what we should be look for in life and not want what we do have just work with what we do have.