Now and then

Once upon a time, there were friendly places near and far... Boy is that an understatement in today's society! Today's society depends upon fighting for you and you alone. Not caring what the other person wants, needs or deserves. Fifteen years ago a small community, such as the one Jen's grandmother lives in today, was very friendly. Small communities pulled together in times of need. If your neighbor ran out of sugar, she didnt care to come knocking on your door with a measuring cup, instead of going all the way to the store to get more, simply because you were her friend. In todays society, if you run out of sugar, you hop in your car and drive 25 minutes to get 5lb of sugar in order to drive 25 minutes back home. You dont know your neighbors, and your neighbors dont know you. There is no hope in wanting to know them and vice versa.

Our society has changed drastically over the past twenty years. We have become an information society. Relying on our televisions, radios, and computers to obtain information that was once obtained by going to the local beauty parlor or stopping for a cup of coffee and chatting with the judge executive of your town. Cell phones have also become a major source of information. Instead of going out and having a nice serene sit on your front porch in the afternoon of a warm day, people would rather sit in front of their television and watch Oprah, Judge Judy, and The John Walsh Show. Could the reason that we dont leave our homes as much as we used to, be because of all the violence that today's society has brought with it?

The local news on television has publicized roughly five murders in the past week. All these murders have been in the state. Is the television shaping societys view of the world, causing citizens to become couch potatoes? Television is one of the biggest society shaping effects that there is in todays world.

There are various cable companies and numerous channels within each company. The view you take on life all depends on what channel you are going to watch on television. If you watch the presidential debate on one channel, that channel may make Mr. Snuggles, whose platform is terrific, and who is an all out good guy, look like a cruel and evil villain in a bad comic book, while another channel shows his true identity. Get the point? Depending on what channel you watch, is going to have an impact on your decisions.

The people in a small community, in Kentucky were nice enough to fill out two surveys, when asked. Survey one asked questions about how much television they watched as a family, how much they viewed as an individual and about how many hours their children viewed (if they had children). Survey two asked general questions about their community. Questions such as do you agree that your community has changed for the worse over the past 15-20 years? and are you involved in any community organizations/events, besides a church organization? If no, is that a personal decision, or one drawn from violence? The results were surprisingly very interesting.

From survey one, out of a total of twenty-six people, only fifteen of them knew every one of their neighbors by names only. What was more surprising was that only seven of those twenty-six people knew something more than names of their neighbors. From survey two, twenty-three out of twenty-six people say that their community has changed for the worse in the past twenty years, and twenty out of twenty-six aren't involved in any community organizations other than church organizations and seventeen out of twenty-six say it is due to violence. Only fourteen of those twenty-six people feel safe in their community at all times. These surveys compared to an interview with the eldest (80 years old) neighbor in the same community, make a large impact.

Back twenty years ago, a 60 year old man (whom is now 80)wasn't afraid to leave his door unlocked at anytime day or night. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. In todays world, this