Importance of Self-Control and Intellegence
Most men would usually leave their wives for a never-aging goddess and focus on using strength rather than wits when facing adversity. Mythology often demonstrates situations that are best dealt with the use of cleverness and will-power. Odysseus shows the unnecessity of sexual temptation and brawn in a troubling scenario. In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus displays self-control and witty intelligence.
Odysseus presents the value of self-control by resisting the temptation of immortality, sexuality and hunger. For instance, Odysseus encounters the gorgeous Calypso, who lures Odysseus by saying, ?stay where you are and keep this house with me, and be immortal ? I don?t think it likely that mortal woman would set herself up as a model of beauty against a goddess? (66, 67). Calypso tries to convince Odysseus to replace his wife for and live forever on her island. However, Odysseus remains faithful to his spouse and denies Calypso?s sexual offers. Moreover, Odysseus was offered the food of the lotus-eaters, which would have satisfied his starvation. Despite the need for a meal, Odysseus rejects as a result to seeing his men lose control of themselves. Odysseus ignores the continuous pleads and drags his men back to the ship to avoid any future problems. Although, Odysseus showed great strength with his self-control, his use of wittiness is clearly as important.
Odysseus employs witty intelligence to continue his dreary journey back to his family. To clarify, when Odysseus is trapped inside the Cyclops? cave, he reveals his brilliant mind by stating, ? Noman is my name? and by ?thrusting the sharp point into his eye? (114). Odysseus explains that his name is Noman and stabs Polyphemos in the eye. This action shows cleverness because when the Cyclops explains that Noman is assaulting him, the other Cyclops believes ?no man? is hurting him. Moreover, Odysseus schemes an ingenious plan to murder the much-numbered suitors. Odysseus is disguised as a beggar and secretly forms a group of loyal men to help defeat the suitors. When the suitors least expect it, Odysseus strikes on a surprise attack to free his household from the filthy gallants. Odysseus employs both will-power and brilliance of mind to help complete his weary expedition home and to end his predicaments.
Resistance to temptation and cleverness is displaced by Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer. Odysseus resisted the sexual offers and immortality from Calypso, as well as the food from the lotus-eaters. Odysseus, also, expressed cunningness and intelligence when blinding Polyphemos and defeating the filthy suitors. When facing trouble, it is clearly important to have self-control and intellectual well-being.