OMAM Chapter 1 Assertion Paragraph
Lennie is dependent on George. George helps him get food and get a job. " I ain\'t sure it\'s good water he said. Looks kinda scummy." (p.3) This quote shows how George tells Lennie that the water is not good for him to drink. George and Lennie\'s friendship is like best friends. " I want you to stay with me, Lennie." (p.13) He also takes care of him like a father. He is also like a father to Lennie. He is just like a parental figure to him. He keeps his things just like a parent would. "Lennie was looking helplessly to George for instructions." (p.25) This quote shows how Lennie looks up to George for instructions and George gives Lennie instructions just like a dad would. George also helps Lennie gets food to eat in order to survive. He also helps him to remember things. He also controls him as if a father would.