Krunal Desai
Mrs. DiVietro
English II Honors
4 June 2015
Over the Horizon and Three Paces More
December 26, 1862
Nashville, Tennessee
My dear Elizabeth,
The boys have the apprehension that the Cumberland shall begin the march towards Murfreesboro, perchance at dawn. I have been feeling impelled to write to you for some time, as if I am no more, these lines will fall under your gaze. General Rosecrans spoke to us believing that we shall meet Bragg\'s rebels on the field, spreading utter desolation among their ranks. A bloodlust, it seems, but then I must be addressed as the blind hypocrite, as what other name would this war be given? Our Ohio boys despair over this once glorious American Republic we once witnessed, but O Elizabeth, if only but a single soul raise these demoralized men from the depths of Old Neptune\'s realm, then by God\'s grace, this war would continue off onto another path. Rosecrans has this phlegmatic nature that manifests him, and I have come to the conclusion, that even he has no recollection towards this kind persona. Morality dissipates rather quickly in the hearts of men these days, but not in Old Rosy. The man has a steadfast nature encompassing an aesthetic set of morals and values, but I exhort that he speak more to his soldiers, as an essence of resuscitating their minds.
He tells us the Army of Tennessee is thirty miles from Nashville, anticipating our advancement until the reckoning day decides another petty victory or loss. Chattanooga forces the Cumberland to break Bragg\'s back; the old fuss will not budge until his army is in two and this land ablaze. Contemplating over this grows me weary Elizabeth. I have the premonition of my death approaching, but you must not fear. I chose this life by my own, self-inflicted actions, and yet my devotion to this Republic causes the patriotism of my soul to oblige me to carry this nation in its time of peril. I must repay the debts of our Forefathers by displaying that I cannot be static when my love of country triumphs over me, and that I shall not be the instrument of petty insignificance, but the patriot of Old who defends and perpetuates. We shall not be subjected to this indecency from these Southern lads, and by His gaze over us, we shall persevere. Our ranks, our generals, our political leaders, our loved President Lincoln, all of whom are clothed in immense power, shall prevail.
Elizabeth, do not grieve over me when my name is of the secluded past, nor contemplate over the next few days, or years, because you must ingrain into your dear heart that I defend the preservation of this nation, and that my fortitude to defend shall not falter on the eve of battle. If suspicion of death overtakes me, my arms are open to Mors at any moment. My dear, know that all of our fond memories and joys in this life, causes me to weep over my last gift to you, this burden of mourning in the years to come. My only guilt up to this hour compels me to say that I covet more of these moments in our lives, and I apologize, truly apologize, that my passing will cause the desolation of your happiness, all at the expense of my love of country. O Elizabeth, know my love for you is eternal, and I thank God, thank Him so, that I spent these years holding your hand in this everlasting life. At the end of this conflict, if God deems me worthy, my years will be spent to live out the rest of our days by the bonds that hold us dear, and by the love that immortalizes us beyond Death\'s grasp. Elizabeth, always remember, that when I am gone, I shall be with you during the light of day and dark of night, during the days when your sorrow is held by the chains of