Personal Wellness

Personal wellness is an important aspect in everyone?s life style. Personal wellness can be

defines as a way to enhance the inner part of our bodies. After intensive research, this author will discuss

personal wellness as it relates to the eating pyramid. What I am going to show is the food pyramid is a

good thing to follow if you are trying to watch your calories.

Nutrition is very important. In 2005, for example, guidelines advise eating more whole grains,

and if you look at whole grain foods, you will see there are more choices then there was 5 years ago.

Every couple of years, the government revises the food guidelines. Billions of dollars are spent into diet

guidelines to show what is good and what is not good to eat. A lot of guidelines these days, are urging

people in America to eat less.

Avoiding Sugary Foods

America?s top sources of calories are baked desserts, pizza, soda, and other junk foods. The

way to maintain a calorie balance and eat healthy is to eat and exercise in healthy ways. Eat a lot of

the food pyramid nutrition, and avoid a lot of sugary foods and beverages. For example, soda gives

nothing but sugar and water, and so are sweetened juices. Also added sugars include white sugar, honey,


molasses, and much more. More than one third of calories in the average American diets come from solid

fats and added sugars, but it contributes little nutrients.

Dietary Guideline 2010

The Dietary Guideline is made by and controlled by the United States Government. In the

Dietary Guideline 2010, it offers foods you can try and reduce in diets. Also points out on nutrients and

foods you should increase on. It informs people to not eat big portions, but if you do, make sure half of it

is fruits and vegetables. Plus the guideline encourages people to prefer water over sugar drinks. But if you

want to drink milk, switch to fat free or one percent milks. Enjoy eating your food, but eat less of it!

The Government?s View

The dietary guideline is a promotion of American agriculture. It?s advice for eating healthy, eating

less, or cutting back on fatty foods. The pyramid is suppose to be a ?straight talk? of nutritional foods.

The government wants everyone to follow the guideline to increase the country?s health. Also to

understand the harm that sugars do to your body.

Personal wellness is an extraordinary important aspect in everyone?s life style and

how you should eat. Personal wellness is defined as a way to enhance the inner part of our bodies and to

live a long healthy life. After intensive research, the eating pyramid is important to follow if you want to

watch your calories and eat right. What the food pyramid has also shown, was it specifies how much you

should eat in each tier, to keep a well balanced diet and to stay healthy.