Percy Walters was sitting alone in his room reading one of the many books he was given. For good behaviour.
He was a tall lean boy almost at the age of 19. His slim shoulders slouched, dark bull green eyes focusing on the descriptive words from the novel. He moved his pitch black hair away from his eyes and looked across the room to the bedroom door. Someone was turning the handle.
Nurse Janet walked in with 2 guardís motioning for Percy to come to the door.
"Hello honey, hope I wasn\'t interrupting a good read" Janet says quietly.
ďOh no its fine mam, it\'s my second time reading it, and Iím already aware what happens"
The nurse looks surprising at Percy still not used to his incredible manner and kindness she had only been given to in the whole institute.
"Well then that\'s good. It\'s time honey, Doctor Casey would like to see you now"
Percy silently gets up from his bed and makes his way out of the room with the guards.
He stars at the old paintings on the wall. He stops and glowers at the painting of an old wooden house in the woods. The bright blue skies, trees hanging down from other side. It\'s brings back memories
It was the second week of October.
An old, plump, lady sat at the dining table finishing sewing her hat.
"Winters coming frack, this you could finally fix the old heater." She said in an annoyed tone "it would be great to not freeze to death this winter"
The man not much taller than the women looked up from reading the newspaper and glared at her. "I\'ll get James the servant to do it for me honey" he says in a clipped tone.
"Do you not call yourself the man of the house? Is this not your job? Why shall I ask someone else if you are right here?"
"Why must I do the peasant things? I work too hard to just fix a basic mechanic instrument. That\'s why we have James remember? To help with the house not for you to goggle at all day like you do to every known man in this town" he says scowling
"Don\'t you dare frank, don\'t you dare! Your nothing like a husband should be like. I don\'t get a minute of your day and you dare make accusations at me? Don\'t you dare! If you had the least big respect for yourself, you would quiet down for the sake of our son before I start bringing up what a terrible man and even worse husband you really are, relieving all the lies youíve told him." She says grinding teeth together.

"Iím not the one yelling, and why should I quite down Jane, why?! He should know what a complete whore you really are. I donít give you notice for a day and you complain about it for a month. I work my ass of trying to provide for your high living standards. I give you food, money, shelter, clothing, and this is how u repay me? By going off with some nobody everyday when I\'m not here, and you really think I donít even notice.
The young boy watched from his half opened door with tears in his eyes. He heard the curses and insults being thrown from one side of the room to another. It had been awhile since one of their quarrels had been this bad, he thought. He had been hopping it was now all over that they rarely ever saw each other anymore, that meant no time for fighting. Even spending an hour a month was too hard for them.
He heard footsteps coming near the door and the shouting grew louder in the living room.
ďCome out Percy, weíre leaving.Ē His father slammed the door open and motioned for him to follow him out.
ďPercy! Get back in your room! Your father has had too much to drink, he doesnít know what heís doing.Ē His mother shouted when she saw the boy holding a bag full of clothes.
ďOh Iíve had too much to drink Jane? Me?!I canít even look at you anymore, you disgust me! Iím leaving and my son will be coming with