Personal Assessment on Creative Writing

Personal Assessment
Various instances in my life have proved that I am a creative thinker. Throughout the years, I have realized my passion for not depending entirely conventional ideas. I always try my level best to come up with completely new ideas or develop new ideas. Creative thinking expands one's mind leading to him realizing new improved solutions that lead to betterment of life within the society. The ability to come up with enhanced solutions was my driving force to seek how I can improve my level of creativity. Before reading, I always ensure that I have a checklist of questions that I need to get answers after the leading.
One of the instances that helped me realize my high level of creative thinking a day back in high school when the teacher gave us an image to come up with a creative story. The story was to entail what could have led to the current shape of the image and what could become of the image in the future. We were required to submit the narrative to the teacher of English within one day. Even though the assignment was new to me, I tried all the brainstorming in order to come up with nice story. After marking the assignment, the teacher announced that my story was as good as original. The story has increased sense of humor and originality and every bit was evident that the story has increased sense of originality. The teacher's remarks were great inspiration to me and since then I have never looked back. Today I write narratives about nature and memorable events. For example, I have written various creative stories on the origin of different types of rocks and other phenomena within the society. From these stories, it is clear that my level of creativity is high.