Personal Branding Plan

University of Phoenix
Professor Michael Ballif
May 18, 2015

Personal Branding Plan
After retiring from the Navy as a navigator of twenty three years, I worked from the ground up within an automotive transport company. I began in dispatch to learn the ropes, moved into order entry to learn the necessity of having correct and complete information the first time. I was transferred to sales to learn how to speak with both existing as well as new clients to gain orders and to maintain a good customer relationship. I was placed into accounting to learn business financing and then placed as the assistant sales manager to create a training plan that would better assist the sales team of utilizing best practices. Once I had proved myself in the sales department, I then took over as the manager for the dispatch department for a good while since that department was really the nerve center of the company. When the dispatch team and I completed the two best years the company had on record, I was moved into the position of operations manager. Taking on the position of the operations manager was very enlightening as I was able to bring my knowledge of the different departments to make the company begin to work as a cohesive unit rather than separate entities. As the company began to work together as a unit, it was clear to the owner that I had the abilities to maintain the business. I was further promoted to the director of operations and the owner was able to become an absentee owner and leave the business operations to my handling.
United Road
I believe that I could excel within United Road, which is a finished vehicle logistics provider. I believe that since they have acquired Allied Trucking and have become the largest vehicle shipping company in the nation that my knowledge and experience would be very beneficial within their organization to help them continue to grow and gain more business.
Moore Transport
Moore Transport is a finished vehicle logistics provider out of the Dallas / Ft. Worth area that transports finished vehicles across the nation. I know that I have the ability to begin a used vehicle segment within their business model to not only bring in new business but, to also alleviate a good portion of their dead head (empty) mileage.
Central Dispatch
Central Dispatch is an online load board for vehicle dealers, brokers and trucking companies to either post freight in need of transportation or to contract freight to ship. With my experience in the vehicle logistics industry, I could bring new ideas into the business model of Central Dispatch that would enable them to branch out into a wider spectrum of business.
Finished Vehicle Logistics
Finished Vehicle Logistics is a group that brings all of the finished vehicle manufacturers together to conduct meetings that enable the manufacturers work out issues with service providers such as the trucking and rail industries and vendors such as the parts suppliers. With the company\'s overall weight within the industry and my experience in logistics for both the finished vehicle and the used vehicle segments, I could be able to work towards a unified vehicle condition report and tracking system that would be able to work for all vehicle transportation.
Making contact
There are several ways to initiate contact with companies and those who influence the hiring such as LinkedIn, Facebook or the company website. Engaging them can be as simple as sending them an invitation to connect then begin to build a rapport.