Person ethics can greatly benefit or irreparably damage the balance of happiness in the work place and at home. Good personal ethic can become second nature if they are executed in all aspects of life. Almost all choices in life involve the use of a person?s ethical beliefs.
My personal preferred ethical lens can be classified as either periscope or paralysis. I am able to identify both strengths and weaknesses with in the lens. I can adapt to each unique situation to obtain the best possible outcome. Also I?m able to listen to my intuition to determine the greatest good for each individual as well as the virtues that will best serve the community equality.
According to my personal inventory, I have no blind spot in my scope of personal ethics. I am able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each lens. In turn, an ethical maturity that provides direction in ethic provoking situations emerges.
My strength involving ethics is my gift of balance. I am able to use the tools from all lenses to make decisions based on self-knowledge, free will, justice and compassion. My weakness, however, is inaction. I need to have courage in my life and be able to do thing and not worry about all the problems. I am able to empathize with range of decisions but have a hard time deciding which one coincides with my personal ethical beliefs.
My values are a compilation of observing and experiencing everyday situations throughout life. The resultant behaviors are derived from my ability adapt to various situations. In doing this, some ethical decisions have been difficult to make at time but I am usually satisfied with the results.
In conclusion, I?ve learned I make ethical choices for myself and others. I don?t offer solutions based on my personal ethical beliefs. I strive to find a harmonized outcome for all parties and situations involved. This allows me to be a productive member of the ?family,? both on a career level and in my home. Also to keep good ethical and be able to show them to all of my coworkers and classmates as well as my family that way they can follow in behind me. They can learn from me and do as I do.