Once I took the ethical lens inventory I learned that one?s personal ethics are based on one?s core values and the ability to rationalize and determine the correct behaviors. After doing this and reading my results I have learned a lot about myself and my personal ethics. My preferred lens is rights and responsibility. After reading about my rights and responsibility lens I have learned that I use my reasoning skills to determine both the universal rules that I feel everyone should follow (autonomy) and the processes that will assure the justice and the fairness throughout the community. I have also learned about my core values which are autonomy and rationality. I put the rights of individuals with what is best for the community that I am more rational then sensible, and that I believe in universal rules that apply to everyone. My classical value is temperance. I value individual balance and restraint; I desire pleasure as I seek to satisfy my duties. I know who I am so I am able to act with integrity. My key phrase is that I am responsible, I value autonomy and rationality and I feel that my definition of a responsible person applies to everyone. Fulfilling duties is my ethical behavior. I feel that everyone is responsible for themselves and their obligations, to make the right decision in any and all situations. An ethical person should be fair in any situation they may come across. Reason is my tool for analyzing problems. Critical thinking is my skill for problem solving. I think carefully about the problem and research my options and analyze all of my data, so I can make a fully informed decision. My gift of self -knowledge, is because I am always concerned with figuring out my duties. I always know what I am doing and why I am doing it. So when I say I am going to do something I always follow through with whatever it is I said I would do, and I always know what I need to do at any giving moment to fulfill all of my responsibilities. My blind spot tends to hurt people?s feelings and often making people very upset with me. I feel that ethics is a universal set of rules that everyone should follow the same as I do. And when I feel someone is in the wrong I am the one who is blunt and tells them what I think it is they are doing wrong.I feel that my strengths are that I am a fair responsible person. I treat everyone fairly and I fulfill all of my responsibilities. And that I analyze and gather data to get an informed answer. And I feel that some of my weaknesses are being too bossy at times, expecting people to fully fulfill their duties when I feel they should and sometimes finding myself being judgmental. I feel that I have some really good values that will help me succeed in life and to treat people fairly. But I do have some resultant behaviors that I feel steams from some of these values. Things like being judgmental, quick to label people and driving people away.

To determine a course of action I need not to look at my own personal ethics, but the personal ethics of others. I need to research other personal ethics so I can fully understand them. By doing this I feel that I may not be so judgmental or label people so quickly. I will also try and look at situations in some other different ways instead of one sided. I think this may help me by not me to react to people differently and possibly not have so many people upset with me.