Physical and Mental Health
Professor Erika Chapman
By Dina Price
June 13, 2016

Current Fitness Goals and Nutritional Habits
At this current present time I have a lot of fitness goals. I have been battling with type 2 diabetes for the past eight years and trying to kick bad habits have been really hard on me. I try to at least walk once a day at night to get some exercise in for part of the day. I currently weight somewhere in the 200s which I know is not good at all, but at least it is better then what I was years ago.
What can I say about my nutritional habits? I honestly have really poor healthy habits to tell you the truth. There are times where I get home from home so late that I look to make something quick and easy just to get through the night. It is hard when I work 40 hours a week and have to figure out something quick to put together. I am really big on reading labels these days especially with me being a diabetic, but there are times where I feel that I could indulge in something that I should be eating.
I will say though I eat a lot of chicken and vegetables which in a sense is a good eating habit. I also throw in once in a while fruits just because I feel that it helps me through the day. I hope as far as fitness goals that I am able to control myself and slow down with my portions of food sooner than later. I want to get out of the 200 weight range and get at least into a healthy weight where I am not worrying about health concerns.

3 Goals to Improve my Physical and Mental Health
I want to improve my mental health by stressing out less. There is so much going on in my life that stress is a major factor that causes a lot pain on my mental health. I want to improve this mental health problem by working things out with people and sitting down to figure out what really is the situation. My second goal to improve my mental health is take a breather from everything and take life as it comes. The third goal to improve my mental health is set aside time just for myself and no one else this way I can just focus on one thing.
I am not in the best shape at all, but I feel that could change quickly. My first goal is exercise more, which can by anything in this factor. Just by me running around with my students 8 hours a day 5 days a week helps me out a lot. My second goal to improve my physical health is to cut out a lot junk food. Junk food is very tempting and hard to resist, but it sometimes finds way into my stomach one way or another. My last and final goal to improve my physical health is stop being lazy. There are times where I have no motivation to do anything physical after dealing with two year olds all day. I need time to relax and chill, but I know that really needs to change.

Health Risks associated with poor physical health
Health risks associated with poor physical health varies from person to person. One of the risks of poor physical health is the fact of being obese. There are so many risk factors associated with being overweight. I can understand this subject very well. I have been heavy pretty much my whole life and let me tell you it has not been easy at all. So many things have effected that didn\'t in the past. Diabetes plays a being part in this in my life for a long time. In which this is a very poor risk associated with poor physical health. Another risk that is associated with poor phys ical health is medication side effects. Medication can have an adverse impact on someone\'s physical health, for example causing rapid weight gain which can lead to a number of health complications.

Health Risks associated with excess stress
There are articles that I have read that say heart