I have narrowed down my project to just Porsche vehicles. I am not going to talk about the man behind the car to much. I have found several web sites that have criteria about Porsche and their different models and their performance. I will discuss these subjects along with others. The history of Porsche will be discussed. I will also talk about some different models such as the 911 GT3. I will also discuss the GT1 and GT3 race seriesI will also discuss Porches latest press releases.


The early years (the 40's & 50's)

1948: The very first Porsche.

The very first Porsche 356/1 developed by Ferry Porsche and his proven team is completed in the Austrian town of Gm?nd and receives technical homologation on June 8,1949: Presentation of the Cisitalia racing car.The Cisitalia racing car is presented at the Torino Motor Show, featuring a 12-cylinder dual-compressor boxer engine in mid ship arrangement, 1493 cc, 385 bhp at 10600 rpm, top speed 300 km/h (186 mph), four-wheel drive with individual drive activation of the front wheels.

1950: Porsche returns to Zuffenhausen

Porsche returns to Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart. Thus begins a new chapter in Porsche's history. In rooms rented from the Reutter car body factory, production facilities are set up. Porsche becomes an independent automobile factory.

1951: Porsche's first international success in Le Mans

Professor Ferdinand Porsche Sr. dies, aged 75.

The Porsche 356 scores its first international success in motor racing, winning the 1100-cc category in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

1953: Porsche 550 Spyder

Presentation of the Fuhrmann engine for the Porsche 550 Spyder: 1.5 liter four-cylinder, four camshafts, 110 bhp

1956: the 10,000th Porsche 356

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Company, the 10,000th Porsche 356 leaves the production hall. Porsche has already scored 400 victories in motor racing. The 1.5 liter 550 Spyder, driven here by Richard von Frankenberg, becomes the "shark in the pool of perch" in major races, where it competed against cars with more horsepower.

1958: Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Company, the 10,000th Porsche 356 leaves the production hall. Porsche has already scored 400 victories in motor racing.

The 60's and 70's

1961: Work starts on a new six cylinder engine

Behind closed doors, work starts on a new Porsche with a six cylinder engine. The body is designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Ferry Porsche's son.

1963: Porsche 911.At the Frankfurt International Automobile Show, Porsche presents the 911. The underlying concept of an air-cooled flat engine in the rear is retained.1964: Production start of the Porsche 911.1969: Porsche 914-4 and 914-6. Presentation of the 914-4 and 914-6 mid-engine sports cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show.Porsche for the second time wins the World Championships for works cars. For the second consecutive year, the 911 wins the Monte Carlo Rallye.

1970:The Porsche 917 (4.5-litre 12-cylinder boxer engine) shown to the public for the first time in Geneva wins virtually all races the world over, including the World Championship of Makes and the Endurance World Championship. Work starts at the Weissach Research and Development Centre.

1972: Porsche goes public. Under the guidance of Ferry Porsche as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Porsche goes public.

1974: The first 911 Turbo

With the 911 Turbo a new era begins: exhaust: exhaust turbo charged autos.

1975: The first Transaxle sports car. Porsche introduces the 924, the first Transaxle sports car with the engine at the front, the transmission and drive wheels at the rear. Production of the "big Porsche", the 928, starts in Stuttgart: V8 light-alloy engine, Transaxle configuration, Weissach axle. To this day the only sports car in the world ever to win the title of Sports Car of the Year.

The 80's & 90's

1982: The Porsche 956, the most successful racing/sports car of all times, begins its victorious career.

1985: Launch of the Porsche 959, a spearhead in new technology. A limited number are built. In 1986, it is the first sports car to win the Paris-Dakar Rally.

1988: Launch of the new 911 Carrera 4.1989: Introduction of Tiptronic four-speed automatic transmission operated either manually (as a function of load) or serving as a fully automatic transmission. Featured for the first time in the new 911 Carrera 2.

1993: Presentation of the first Boxster concept car at the Detroit Auto Show. Launch of the new 911 Carrera at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

1995: The new 911 Turbo with its bi-turbo engine becomes the first production car in the world with onboard diagnosis II,