Krunal Desai
Mrs. DiVietro
English II Honors
20 Feb. 2015
Prior Knowledge Paper
The Learning Record is an assessment in which the students must analyze various forms of literature and historical documents into constituent components. The elements of the writings will assist the student, as the concepts and themes will become limpid. In the first learning target, Analysis of Idea or Claim Development, I am adept in analyzing how certain parts of the text contributes to the claim that the author puts forth. It is feasible of me to extract influential components of the text, and apply how those parts contribute to the development of the idea that the author explains. For the second learning target, Analysis of Documents of Historical and Literary Significance, I am able to pinpoint the major concepts and thematic ideas that are embedded in certain historical documents. In the third learning target, Analysis of Various Accounts in Different Mediums, I am capable of mildly comparing two different interpretations of a piece of literature from this marking period. I am also competent in identifying which details are in one medium, but not in the other. In the fourth learning target, Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas, I am accomplished in gathering and presenting information in a logical arrangement, as well as stating a claim about a piece of literature. For the fifth learning target, Evaluation of Argument, it is attainable for me to find a piece of literature, and state an argument that the author is making. I am capable of analyzing whether the argument is valid based on the evidence and information that is in the piece of literature.
In addition to my strengths in the learning targets, I carry a weakness in each of them as well. For the first target, I will have minor complications when using certain literature pieces from the time period, as some pieces are entirely arbitrary. I may have difficulties when analyzing how a portion of the text contributes to the claim that the author is making, if I read a piece that is completely subjective. For the second learning target, I may have difficulties understanding what is being said in certain documents, as the writing style of this era is entirely disparate. In the third target, I am not proficient in comparing two different interpretations of a piece of literature. I may have a predicament when writing about what is emphasized in one medium, compared to the other. For the fourth learning target, I will have trouble presenting my claim about a piece of literature in a digital format. I am not accustomed of using media in an analytical assessment, so it will be a challenge to incorporate this in the learning target. In the fifth target, I will face obstacles when evaluating the validity of the reasoning and relevance of the literary piece. I will have difficulties when analyzing whether the argument of the author is valid based on the reasoning and relevance of the piece of literature.