Process Analysis Mac and Cheese

Process Analysis
For a good reason, I find it crazy that people can so trivially disregard making a box of mac and cheese as an art. Granted, it might not be as painstaking as painting the Sistine Chapel, (thanks for that, Michelangelo) but the act of preparation of mac and cheese is still elegant and precise. From choosing the box, to adding the cheese, it is not as simple as you believe it to be. Making mac and cheese is an art and must be learned. It takes years to master the making of mac and cheese As a result, it takes focus, determination, character, and even a little bit of soul. Each batch you make has a part of you inside of it, and a good batch will have the totality of your heart and soul poured in right alongside the milk. So at this point, any sane person is going to ask me, “Matt, how in the world do you do it, then?” Luckily, following this is a step-by-step guide that even an idiot can follow, so hang tight and pay close attention.
First, you’re going to need to buy a box of macaroni and cheese Even though this seems redundant, there are some special tips to keep in mind. For one, Dollar General sells cheap boxes of mac and cheese. A Kraft box costs a dollar, and a Dollar General brand costs 60 cents. Doesn’t the choice seem obvious? Dollar General brand, right? You’re wrong! Never disgrace your pot with their lackluster noodles and the powdery slop that Dollar General, or any other competitor, calls cheese. The only proper way to make mac and cheese is with a Kraft box, and if you think otherwise, stop reading here, and stay away from my kitchen, you vermin.
So, you’ve bought your box and you’re standing cluelessly in your kitchen, dumbfounded by the variety of cooking utensils. Consequently, it is time for the second step. Dig deep in your cupboards to procure a medium-sized pot and a strainer. Grab a large spoon as well, but you can substitute for a plastic spoon as well. Wooden spoons are the best because they do not conduct heat. Choose with care. In case you do not happen to have a wooden spoon or plastic spoon handy, a regular metal table spoon will be able to complete the task. Just be cautious when using it as it may heat up during the process. Make it a point to use a pot you are familiar with to bolster your success. If you are one who blindly follows instructions printed on the box, it is time for a glorious reform. That is silly mindlessness, and it will result in mediocrity on a good day. Additionally, YOU will be forced to shovel your own failure down your throat as you soak your fork in your worthless tears. How sad. The best thing you can do is follow the nationally-certified Matt Formula which goes as follows.
Fill your pan up about halfway to three quarters with water. This is not the most important step, so don’t treat it as such. Next, you should turn the burner on high, and bring the water to a nice boil. In spite of your temptation to pour the noodles right in, resist. It is futile and will only result in complications later. You will know the water is boiling when bubbles are rapidly rising to the top, and this, my friend, is when the fun begins, but the artform must start. The next few steps must be performed precisely or else your macaroni and cheese will end up in the trash just like all of your dreams. But if you complete this correctly, you mac and cheese will be held high and praised, much like you will be. If you do not wait for the water to reach its peak boiling point, you day will be anything but fun.
Before you pour the noodles in, grab the packet of cheese out of the box. Now that the noodles are in the pot, you may turn the heat down from high to halfway between high and medium. The box will tell you that eight minutes is the appropriate cooking time. Therefore, Kraft