Prophetic Ministry, Part 10
Kris Vallotton
Session 1082
Lisa Jo Shreve

What is prophetic discernment and how does it affect prophecies?

God speaks in vision, dreams, trances, the still small voice, etc. We need to have the gift of discerning of spirits to know when we are hearing from God or from the person's thoughts or desires to prophecy accurately.

How does God speak through your circumstances?

Your circumstances and the doors that are opened for you may be the way God is speaking to you. Sometimes the only way to know the will of God concerning a decision that needs to be made is to walk through the door that is opened to you. When you are faced with making a decision where there are many choices, you may need to step out and try one of the choices.

Explain the difference between attacks of the enemy and feeling resistance from other sources when you are pursuing something God has called you to do.

When God has called you to do something it doesn't mean that there will not be attacks of the enemy and/or resistance from other sources like yourself, friends and siblings. He never promised that everything was going to be easy. We need to ask the Lord for His eyes to see.

What are "body-checks" when referring to words of knowledge for healing?
God will sometimes speak to us through pain or feelings in our body. When we are going to pray for healing, check your body for pain. If you start to experience something in your body that was not there before, you may have a word of knowledge for someone around you.