Psychology 102 00 - H
Homework #5

Name: Aikaterini Dagres

Date: 05/08/2017

1. Describe Freud's view of personality structure, and discuss the interactions of the id, ego, and superego.
Freud's v iew of personality structure is the product of a constant conflict between our conscience impulses and our unconscious desires. With his view of personality, Freud also believed that humans are not in control of their everyday decisions because they are completely controlled by the three sections of our unconscious mind; the id, ego and superego. The id is the primitive part of the human mind; it's the source for our basic wants, needs, desires and impulses. The id is were the mind wants immediate gratification and tries to satisfy our sexual desires. The ego is the second part of the subconscious mind were its rational part of the mind, it's responsible for reasoning and common sense. It also tries to bring a balance between the impulses and desires of the id with the demands of the superego. The superego is our morals, our ideals, and cultural rules that are many taught by our parents that follow us throughout life. Here the brain is like the voice of our conscious brain that create judgment, pride and guilt.

2. Identify and describe three defense mechanisms.
Defense mechanisms are a way of dealing or protecting ourselves from stressful situations. These mechanisms are not under our control, they are part of the unconscious mind, the id. Repression: the unconscious mind keeps disturbing or threatening thought from emerging and become conscious. Replacement: is when someone replaces or substitutes a satisfying impulse. Denial: is when the mind blocks extreme events from the conscious mind.

3. Discuss the evidence for a genetic contribution to the development of schizophrenia.
If someone in your family has schizophrenia, then the risk of the offspring having it is 10%. For identical twins it is said that if one twin has it then the other has a 50% chance of being schizophrenic. In addition, if someone from your family has schizophrenia it does not mean that you will become schizophrenic, in order for you to become there must be a stressor that emerges the disorder, like a traumatic event.