Purpose , audience, tone, and content are very important components to writing an academic paper effectively. The purpose in a writing assignment shows the audience why he or she wrote about a certain topic. Whether the purpose is to inform the audience, persuade the audience, summarize, synthesize, evaluate, or analyze a certain topic . It is important for the purpose to be clear, so that the audience does not have to ask themselves, ?so what ?? The audience identifies the individual or group of people that the writer is wanting to address. The writer should always think about the audience they are addressing to improve their writing. A writer should take in to consideration demographics, education, experience interests, and expectations while thinking about the audience. The audience impacts how a writer puts together information to make it understandable. The tone shows what the writer?s attitude is toward his or her subject and audience. A writer?s tone can create connections between the audience, the author and also the subject. An author shows tone through his or her writing by his or her sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and formal or informal language. The author?s tone should always be appropriate and match to his or her intended audience, and purpose. The content of a paper is all the material inside the document whether its statistics, facts, quotes, observations, graphs, or pictures. It is important to make sure that the content is appropriate, and understandable to keep the audience?s attention. Knowing your purpose, audience, and tone help ensure that you have the proper content. Developing a strong purpose, understanding of your audience, tone, and content ensures a writer to have a strong academic paper.