Putting it all together Brandi Williams

How would you explain the value of financial planning to friends or family?
Living in a house with six people were all our bills in the house are all together we should plan for was a head we make budgets and we organize our finances. I would tell the how easy it is to secure a plan and how it would help manage and spend our money on the right things at the right time. By having plan set we are sure not to fall behind on bills and avoid late fees and disconnections.
Which topics will you discuss with children in your life?
I think saving and the value of money are important to teach kids at a young age. When it comes to saving, you can open a saving account in your child's name and as the earn money through good works and chores with the allowanced earned I would let them have the option of putting it in the account or spending it now explaining to them that if you save it rather than spending it now you would have more money over time.
Which topics do you feel are most important for adults to fully understand? Explain why you chose these topics.
It's important for adults to know how and where their money is going and to create good finical habits. Many of our day to day spending habits can cause trouble on our budgets like the six-dollar latte you get in the morning from star bucks or the fifteen dollars we spend on fast food during lunch hours. Getting control of your money is about making it work for you. Avoid impulse spending at all cost if it's not a need then think about what you are about to spend before you spend it.
What financial goals have you set for yourself? How will you meet them?  Explain what steps you will take to begin saving toward these goals.
So, since starting school student loans have been on my mind this is my first year of college and because of my financial situation at the beginning of the semester I choose to take out the full amount I was approved for. Next year my plan is to only take what I need for school tuition and fees. One of the ways I've decided to start paying my student loans back early even though they are not due yet. When I received, my tax returns each year I will use the extra money to put toward my loans. I've also decided to apply for some small scholar ships because every penny counts.