Q: Who is to blame for Asma’s death?

In the novel Submission by Amy Waldman, there are many characters that portray different views on Mohammed Kahn. Some think of him as an affiliate with the terrorists from 9/11 and some think of him as a savior. However, there is one character that dies from this situation and her name is Asma Anwar. Asma was a Bangladeshi immigrant whose husband was killed in the attack while she was pregnant. She is told to go back home and while she was in the airport, she gets stabbed in the back while she is holding her baby. Her husband was killed when she was pregnant with the baby; ironically, she gets killed when she is holding the baby. The governor is responsible for Asma’s death. “I feel for Asma Anwar, but she represents a serious problem. When we don’t watch who’s coming through our open door, thousands of Americans die. I wont let that happen again while I’m leading this state”. “She demanded that the federal government comb the Bangladeshi community for illegals and for terrorist links”(283). The Governor provoked the problem and enforced the search of all Bangladeshi residents. She said something that struck the community as a whole. If we don’t watch who’s coming through our open door; she indicates that America does have an open door policy, it just has quirks and loopholes