Racial Discrimination and Profiling
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Racial Discrimination and Profiling
Discrimination of ethnic minorities has been a plague affecting us for a long time. Some shrug off that racism is dead and gone but in today's society, racism has taken its toll disguising itself in an infinite number of forms. It causes both a physical scar but an emotional one too. There is also a preconceived notion that the minorities are not entitled to any rights, whereas they are human beings and do not deserve ill treatment. It leads to conflicts since some people want to be deemed as superior.
Racial profiling is most relevant in places with mixed races, and there's usually one race that makes up a larger part of the majority. The majority enjoy abusing the rights of the minority about criminal justice, intense harassment, security and drug policy among other aspects. Within these areas, the most vulnerable victims are ethnic minorities, immigrants, children, the elderly, the sick and prisoners. These vices mostly happen in the major cities though in small towns its roots have crept there where there are instances of violations of international humanitarian rights and laws. It will lead to fear and conflicts. The most affected individuals by these vices include ethnic minorities and immigrants from other countries ( DiGiacomo , 2016 ) . Statistics show that a big percentage of people from black and Asian communities are the most affected racism while they are in other nations. It mostly happens in places of occupation, injustice systems, in institutions such as schools, universities, medical facilities and religious places. The minority poor has a hard time from ordinary citizens to the state officers like law-enforcement officers who are ruthless, yet the law stipulates that everyone is entitled to a substantial constitutional protection. Also, children in the schools are also discriminated against and bullied to a point where some commit suicide or even drop out.
V arious strata exist in society brought about by different aspects of life like status in society, wealth, hea lth, race, and. The elite in the society mostly composed of the majority e.g. in the United States, the whites are the majority, any minority individual even if wealthy still holds the majority on a pedestal. You find out that in learning institutions that a minority student cannot join certain clubs or take certain courses due to social profiling not that he or she isn't worthy academic wise ( Ansell, 2016).
Racial disparities in the criminal justice system whereby being and African-American or Latino leads to harsh sentences and incarcerations without in-depth investigations. It subjects the individuals to stigma and legal discr imination even in the prisons. Minorities are also discriminated against their labor rights. Despite the academic qualifications, applying for a position in a majority dominated firm or job, the individual will likely be turned down for a majority person with absurd reasons. Various anti-racism initiatives have come up over time through human rights activists. The National Anti-Racism Strategy advocates for working together with minorities to take action against racism where it's seen or being experienced (Kivisto & Ansell, 1999, ) . The organization is aimed at creating awareness of racism and how it affects individuals and the broader community identification, promotion and build on good practice initiatives to prevent and reduce racism, and empower communities and individuals to take action to prevent and reduce racism and to seek redress when it occurs.
People have taken to social media platforms creating groups to help to avoid racism. Initiatives engaging in masses interaction like Olympics or UEFA where they advocate reducing racism through projects like games which have a significant impact in changing people's attitudes and then behavior with time. The reason for my topic choice was because there has been word going around about deportation of immigrants to their countries without any apparent reason therein, this pushed me to address the issue on racism since it has been a vice that keeps on taking many forms and I would want to push for its elimination.

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