Raymond Keith
BUS 211
November 17, 2016

12-20. How has Gat Creek brought modern technology to the traditional processes of building furniture?
Gat Creek monitors all materials entering and leaving its facility to reduce waste, pollution, and emissions. Gat Creek uses a state-of-the-art renewable biomass boiler system so that scrap materials become fuel for heating. The company has an innovative storm water management system and has received recognition for its efforts.

12-21. What is the source of production inputs for Gat Creek?
Handmade antique furniture.

12-22. How might Gat Creek assure quality? Why?
While the furniture is assembled by the local workforce in a traditional way, the company makes use of modern technology to ensure quality and minimal environmental impact.

12-23. What types of regulations are particularly important to Gat Creek and its employees, given the nature of the business?
Each furniture piece is hand-crafted and signed by one of Caperton's 120-plus employees or made by a local subcontractor (often individual craftspeople) using the company's specifications.

12-24. How are the company's core values exhibited?
They are specified in the manufacturing process that emphasizes care for the environment throughout its processes. Over the past five years, they have won an number of design, environmental, and workplace safety awards.