1. President Obama: “…That day itself also belonged to those ordinary people whose names never appeared in the history books, never got on t.v.”
2. President Obama: “…Frederick Douglas once taught-that freedom is not given, it must be won, trough struggle and discipline, persistence and faith.”
3. Obama made a key point basically saying that if Martin Luther King Jr. and his people would not have marched America would not be the place it is today.
4. President Obama: “Yes, there have been examples of success within black America that would have been unimaginable a half-century ago. But as has already been noted, black unemployment has remained almost twice as high as white employment (sic), Latino unemployment close behind. The gap in wealth between races has not lessened, it's grown.”
5. President Obama: “…as if poverty was an excuse for not raising your child and the bigotry of others was reason to give up on yourself. All of that history is how progress stalled. That's how hope was diverted. It's how our country remained divided.”
6. President Obama: “The March on Washington teaches us that we are not trapped by the mistakes of history, that we are masters of our fate.”
7. President Obama: “Dr. King explained that the goals of African-Americans were identical to working people of all races: decent wages, fair working conditions, livable housing, old age security, health and welfare measures -- conditions in which families can grow, have education for their children and respect in the community.”
8. President Obama: “the position of all working Americans, regardless of color, has eroded, making the dream Dr. King described even more elusive.”
9. President Obama: “we must remind ourselves that the measure of progress for those who marched 50 years ago was not merely how many blacks had joined the ranks of millionaires; it was whether this country would admit all people who were willing to work hard, regardless of race, into the ranks of a middle-class life.
10. President Obama: “The twin forces of technology and global competition have subtracted those jobs that once provided a foothold into the middle class, reduced the bargaining power of American workers. And our politics has suffered.”