Red Badge of Courage

Article Review on "Red Badge of Courage"
The book Red Badge of Courage, is about a physical and emotional pain that a solider of the Civil War might of went through. The soldiers pain comes from all of the horrible things associated with war. The main character, Henery Fleming, joins the Union army dreaming of the heroic things he will accomplish. During the war he discovers that war is not so great and becomes real unsure of himself. Henry then meets up with his friend Jim Then halfway through the book he confronts his cowardice and gains a realistic and sense of duty and responsibility. When the novel ends he has conquered his fear. Then Henry meets Wilson, the loud solider, who I think represents the two sides of human nature. Wilson is a mean and tough guy that no one likes and then towards the end of the book he finds that he really cares about Henry. While Henry is dealing with all of his emotions they are moving into war.
The book Red Badge of Courage is insightful because it gives great detail about the hardship of war, the physical and emotional side of it. It shows how a young solider of the Civil War would have felt and also it shows all his fears. It is not just about war and the fighting, the book gives details about the camp and the other soldiers that Henry Flemmings interacts with. Stephen Crane has a unique writing style because it is very symbolic and it paints a lot of pictures for you. Crane is very imaginative and takes a look from one viewpoint into an isolated person and his relationship with society. I believe the book was well writing at times because some parts could have used more detail. It would have been easier to understand. Some parts of the book I felt like I was really there but others it just felt so distance. This work is important because of its historical value that it has with the Civil War. It tells not just about the war itself and what is going on but the emotional side of a young solider. It tells how soldiers break down in war and that all of them are heroes at sometime in the war. I learned from the book that you must face your fears and that if you run from them once then the next time you must face them. Such as when Henry did not run the first time and thought he had faced his worse fear of running but then in the second battle he ran and felt ashamed. But he never gave up. Over all I thought the book was good only because I had to read it, but I would not read it again just for the fun of it. I think it is a great book to read for history.
All of the characters in the Red Badge of Courage represent some aspect of man either physically or emotionally. The connection between the characters and me made the book feel true to life and more believable. The characters feel so real, physically and emotionally, that you have an easier time relating to them.