Regina Showers
Dr. Sigh
English 101
The Stop to Teen Drinking and Drug Use
The use of d rugs and alcohol is becoming more apparent in youths each year and the rate will not stop. From the shows and movies we watch to the commercials and bill boards people see; drugs and alcohol are advertised everywhere. Some of the problems that arise from teen drinking and drug use are: problems at school, issues at home, getting in trouble with the law, health issues, and lastly it can lead to addiction later in life. If people do not step up as adults and influence the opposite on children then the generation of youths will keep going downhill . Many studies and surveys have found that a large percentage of people who abuse drugs and alcohol are teens still in high school. Studies conducted by renowned organizations have also shed light on the fact that teens and college students have at least experimented with drugs or alcohol at one time or another, even if they don't abuse them (Effects 1 ) .
The solution to this problem is not simple but can make a huge difference over time. There are a few key things that every parent should stick to. Establish and maintain good communication with their children. The better they know their children the easier it will be to guide them towards positive activities and friendships. Next, get involved in the children's lives. Young people are less likely to get involved with drugs when caring adults are a part of their life. Make clear rules and enforce them consistently. Research shows that when parents set harsh rules or no rules, kid s are more likely to try drugs (Taylor 2) . Most importantly, be a positive ro le model. C hildren will be perfect images of their parents , so make it good images. Help your children choose friends wisely. When a child has friends, who don't engage in risky behaviors, they are likely to re sist them too. Lastly, parents need to talk to their children about drugs. When parents talk to their kids early and often about substances abuse, kids are less likely to try drugs. Short discussions go a long way .
The first thing that consuming does to a teen, is cause them to have problems in school. Teens that experiment with drugs and alcohol almost always show a decreased performance in school. And if teens do not learn the things they need to in high school they will struggle getting into college or staying in college and u ltimately it will lead to failure. Problems with school then also lead into problems with parents. When a teen does drugs it changes their personality. They tend to not care as much as usual ca u sing them to have bad relationships with their parents. I t is very easy to spot these changes in teens personalities and that every parent should know th e signs. Every mom and dad wishes to have a healthy relationship with their child. Not only does drug abuse and alcohol use cause problems at home or at school, but also with the law. This is when things become serious and life changing. When teens drink and use drugs, it causes them to make poor decisions that can affect them for the rest of their life (Effects 1) . If a teen gets in trouble with the law they could have something on their permanent record that could cause them not to get into their dream college or be able to pursue a future career. Along with all the external problems that come along with doing drugs and drinking, it can cause internal damage. Drugs can cause health problems like liver and kidney failure and irregular heart rate. Sub s tances abuse also causes damage to the brain, including seizers, and memory loss. Another thing that could happen is an accidental overdose and death every time they do drugs (Lieber 3) . When a person starts using at a young age they are at high risk for addiction later in life. A report from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) shows