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Narrow Your Topic Worksheet

Part One

Review Ch. 2 of The Bedford Researcher for techniques on how to narrow down the research topic you selected in Week 1.

Explain in 50 to 75 words how you will narrow your topic. State your revised topic and describe what processes from the text you used to help you narrow it down. Write in complete sentences to continue practicing the sentence building skills you have learned in this week’s activities.

I used a few different ways the text suggested in Chapter 2 to narrow down my topic. First, I spent some time browsing through online library’s to find out where I could get the most information on a few of the topics I was still tossing around. I then spent some time looking through databases and Web directories. I found that I can get the most information researching medical technology, so that is the topic I am choosing to write my paper on. I also have the opportunity to interview people at work and see this time of technology put to use daily at work so that will give a much wider viewpoint on the topic.

Part Two

Find two University Library sources that relate to your topic and could be used as research sources for your final paper. Complete the following forms:

Source #1
Author(s) names: von Mallek, D; Biersack, H-J; Mull, R; Wilhelm, K; Heinz, B; Mellert, F

Article title: Medical technology and medical education
Date written or published: 8/2012
Journal or publication title: Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz
Issue number and/or volume number (if provided): 8
Database name: edline Complete -- Publications
URL (web address) or doi number:
Provide a 3- or 4-sentence description of the article and how it relates to your topic.
In this article, research was done to prove the clinical application of medical technology has reached a central position in modern patient care. This was to prove that medical technology plays a huge role on healthcare workers able to provide the best patient care. It also showed the role medical education plays in using medical technology to It’s fullest potential.

Source #2
Author(s) names: Lisa Priest
Article title: MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY: Going digital to save health care millions of dollars Converting X-rays and other images to electronic format will reduce costs, aid patients, report says

Date written or published: 12/15/2008
Journal or publication title: The Globe and Mail (1936-Current)
Issue number and/or volume number (if provided):
Database name: University Library
URL (web address) or doi number:¶mdict=en-US
Provide a 3- or 4-sentence description of the article and how it relates to your topic.
This article provided information on how going to digital technology would save health care millions of dollars. Some points they looked at were converting CT, X-rays, and other images to electronic formats to hold down costs. They also explored how it would aid patients in saving money and the safe keeping on their records.