Falling Leaves, a novel written by Adeline Yen Mah, tells her painful memoir of being an unwanted Chinese daughter, yearning to be loved, accepted and understood. Adeline passed the boards in internal medicine and became a member of the Royal College of Physicians London and Edinburgh. Despite the abuses done to her by Niang, Adeline showed tolerance through respecting Niang and her father.

Despite being successful in her career, Adeline never failed to appreciate her roots. While studying at Sheng Xin, Adeline gained the nickname ?genius? because she became the top student in everything except in art.(P.60) When Adeline was transferred to Sacred Heart Convent School and Orphanage, she saw herself standing at a bow of a giant ship gliding through still, dark waters, carrying her on an entrancing journey to those most fabulous lands: England and America. (p.105) At the age of fourteen, Adeline submitted an entry, ?Gone With the Locusts? and won the play-writing composition. Because of this, her father sent her to England together with James to study medicine. In time, Adeline became successful and passed the boards in internal medicine. She became a member of the Royal College of Physician and Edinburgh. Regardless of the unfair treatment shown by her stepmother, she never forgot to trace show appreciation and gratitude to her parents.

Not only Adeline was successful in being a physician but she showed to us what an empowered woman is. While Adeline was still two weeks old, her maternal mother died and her father, Joseph Tsi-rung Yen remarried to Jeanne Prosperi whom she called Niang. Adeline was a young girl who diligently works hard in her studies to achieve success despite the difficulties she encountered with Niang. She went to London to study medicine at University College in Bloomsbury. After passing the boards in internal medicine, she went back to Hong Kong and worked as intern in Dr. Chun?s Tsan Yuk Hospital. Seven months after her internship, Adeline decided to emigrate to America and had accepted the job offer from the Presbyterian Hospital. There, she also met Byron Bai-lun Soon who became her husband and had a son named Roger. Through the years of marriage with Byron, she never found the love, acceptance and understanding she was yearning for. Conflicts arouse between the two of them which led to their divorce. Adeline came to know her second husband, Professor Robert Mah through a blind date made by her friend Alcenith. She found the love, understanding and acceptance that she was longing for.

In Falling Leaves, Adeline Yen Mah captures the struggle of Adeline as she yearn for love, acceptance, and understanding. Through her detailed, vivid descriptions, the author presents that one must never forget his/her roots despite being successful. Falling Leaves is a suspenseful and emotional story well worth reading.