same sex marriage

"Oral report, yes or no?"need to start writing the paperPublic opinion poll...same sex marriage...questions on topic:

should marriage be between heterosexual couples or any two couples?2.

3. Should adoption be legal for same sex married couples.

June 23, 1997

Public opinion: Feared by the founding politics have tobe more friendly the people..."collection of similar attitudes and believesthat are shared by some portion of the population."

types of pulpit opinion

-intensity: How willing people are to express their opinion. More expressioncan lead the intensity of a subject to be passed by Gov. ecpl.gays, abortion,affirmative action...

-fluidity: "amount of change public opinion goes through in a period oftime"...exp. Bush administration...

-stability: "extent to which public opinion remains constant over a periodof time"exlp. 95% of public believe we should be more involved in Gov.decions...

-latent: "people are not expressing their opinion to interest andeducation"could be an argument for the elitist belief of Gov.

Forming Public Opinion: a concoction of family background, school, per's,college, work place, exposure to society,

Sampling techniques

-Random Sample : every type of person should have a equal chance of beingsampled

-quota sample: targets a specific demographic group...

-sampling error: difference between what the sample show andtrue result ofall participating

Functions of the media:

shape public opinion

-profits: #1 priority; they are responsible tostco holders

-reporting news:
-setting the Agenda: they set what the top story, they select which storieswe should be exposed to.

-expressing opinion: media provides editorials,

-spin doctors: Rush, and others, media nalysetes or talk show hosts thatinterpret news in away that supports the party that represent...

Hard Fluff: entertainment the can be descised as news; oj case; Tonga harding;

June 24, 1997

Interest groups: organized meters that share a common objective; attemptto influence Gov. polices

-separation of powers: checks and balance system allows the interest groups tohound a Brach of Gov. to adhere to the interest at hand.

Growth of Interest Groups: right to potion the goc; 1st...came about duringfarmers subsidies, and the new deal...

why people join: they are interested in reform, get benefits from certaingroups, just the belonging factor.

Types of Interest Groups:

-Business: owners of businesses were not happy worth the new deal so they formedin response "elite corporation 'business roundtable' "national associationof manufacturers"

-agriculture: formed to protect from economic and banks...

-labor: came in during new deal, unions...AFL-CIO 1955 membership is around13 million-they were originally comprised o blue collar workers...

-public: have no economical benefit, they from for social reform,environmental issues, and ex.

-professions: groupsthat represents layers, teachers, doctors, and otherprofessions...American medical association, 240 thousand in the 1990 electionsthey spent 3.2 million dollars.

Direct Lobbying

-Political action committees

In-direct lobbying

Lobby regulation

-Regulation of Lobbying act 1946

-Ethics in govt. act 1978