Matthew Olkhovetsky
Satis A
Mr. Cohen

Q: TWE and in what ways do colleges (properly) address sexual assault cases?

Colleges are mostly worried about their reputation and the community as a whole. However, rape is not the collegeís fault itís the people who attend the university who control what goes on around them. Nine out of Ten college women who are raped, know their assailant. Ninety Five percent of rape victims never report the sexual assault because they are afraid of the consequences and effect it has on them afterwards. Colleges are aware of these facts but the one that sticks out the most is 90% of sexual assault victims suffer mental health problems afterwards. College sexual assault is highly unreported to the authorities because the victim is ashamed of her self and does not want the rapist to come back and hurt them even more
Colleges should not be held accountable for sexual assault because even though it happens on their campus, no college is ever rape free. Itís the students and the population who can decide if rape will be extinguished or not. The colleges and universities can enforce Title lX and make all the rules they want nonetheless the alcohol, the drugs and the partying is the instigator at fault. A woman who attends college is more likely to get raped than who do not. By that fact, now the colleges and universities credibility and reputation is decreasing and less people will be applying there. Penn State with Jerry Sandusky incident had 52 charges of sexual crimes reported to them by the same guy. Guarantee Penn State is one of the most cautious universities after that occurrence.

The Universities can try their best to stop rape but their never going to succeed. However, the colleges can protect the rights of the students and start a movement. Clemson University has been reported sexual assault cases have been increasing in their area so they decided to take a step forward. Clemson created a mandatory class for all Clemson attendees about sexual assault awareness and the curricular covers harassment, assault, sexual discrimination, drugs and alcohol. The students are informed about Title IX in most universities but it is never ever enforced in the school plans. Colleges want the cases to be reported to them and then they put it on the side and never look back. Whatever benefits the university that is what they will decide to do in the long run.