From the beginning of time education has been a very consequential factor in achieving any goal in life and it remains the same today. We are told from the moment we reach the age of understanding that education is the key to success no matter what occupation he or she may aspire to be. In the modern world there are many individuals who has broken or surpass that barrier of education because they were blessed with a special talent or gift that give them the ability to accomplish any task without ever stepping foot inside any learning institution, others may just be experienced in a particular field or simply have connections. So the big question is can educational status really determined who is more qualified for a job?
Personally I believe education plays an important role in deciding who is best qualified for a job because the first thing that shows up on an application form is the question do you have a high school diploma. That alone is important to even obtain minimum wage in the work force. In most cases without a higher education your resume will likely not receive a second glance, plus the amount of quality jobs available is rather low in comparison to the amount of people seeking those jobs. It really doesn't matter what the degree is for, just that a higher education has been achieved. This shows qualities that employers are looking for in potential applications such as dedication and ability to reach goals. However from personal experience I now see things differently. For example my brother has never obtained a degree in computer science or architecture but because he is so talented many architecture company?s all over the Bahamas wanted to hire him at any cost. He is so gifted when it comes to modern technology that everyone who is anyone brings their computer or any electronic for that matter for him to fix. He even had the Royal Bahamas Police Force tracking him down to hire him because they heard of his many talents. They never once questioned his eligibility or the amount of BJC?s or BGCSE?s he obtained which was mandatory, all they wanted was the best person fitted for the job and they found him. My brother was chosen not because of his educational qualifications but his work ethic and because of his many talents he is swiftly moving through the ranks. Another prime example is me. I never graduated out of any college or university with a bachelor?s degree in accounting but yet I was chosen out of many other men and women who had degrees in that field to do the job. Some may ask was it her charm that got her the job. The answer to that is no, I was chosen because of my experience which none of the others had plus my father is and executive in the company. Now am a twenty one year old who has a very huge salary all because of experience and connections. I was never asked about a degree their first statement was ?let me see what you can do?, and I was hired.
However not many people receive this sort of treatment so they resort to obtaining their college degrees which ultimately should determine whether or not they are suited for a job. For example what?s the point of hiring a teacher who isn?t qualified in her field of study, the result would only lead to the majority of the class failing. Why allow a lawyer to graduate out of law school if he is not up to par. What law firm is going to hire that individual? It all goes to show that education is truly important in order to obtain a job. Every employer is looking for the best and brightest individuals to hire because they can then be reassured that the job will get done and the company will flourish. Education also has even greater benefits on the work force such as demanding your salary or by having the job that you studied so hard to obtain, something you know you would love doing. While many others with no qualifications have no choice but to settle because they only want a job to sustain themselves and their families. In many cases they have no choice but to accept the minimum wage and live pay cheque to