Shya Saylor
Ms. Shearn
3 - 7 - 17
Essay: Compare and Contrast
In the Tale of Cinder Maid. Her father gets married so someone can
take care of his daughter, what comes along with his new wife is that she
is evil, and did not care for his daughter one bit she thought that Cinder
was prettier than her daughters and she didn't like that. Cinders step
mother already had the two children of her own before she married Cinders
father and they were just as evil as her. There was a royal ball that the
Prince was throwing to find a wife good enough to suit him. The two evil
sisters rubbed it in cinders face that they were going to the ball and she
was not which she was extremely sad about. A wish was granted and she was
going to the ball but she had to be home by midnight or else she would be
magically turned into baggy clothes.

She was the most beautiful woman in the entire ball and the sisters
kept talking about her. The prince danced with her all night until the
clock was almost hitting midnight, she rushed out of the ball, and got home
just in time but she had lost her slipper. The Prince tried to go to every
city and surrounding village to try to find the girl that fit the slipper.
Cinders oldest sister cut off some of her foot to fit the shoe and she did,
until the prince saw blood dripping from it. Cinder tried on the shoe and
it was the perfect fit.

Tam was an only child with just her father, until he married an evil
woman(The same a Cinder). Her father and step mother had a new a baby enter
the house. Her step mother treated cam a lot better than tam, her step
mother was envious of how pretty tam, that is why she treated her so bad,
she was mad that tam was prettier than her daughter cam.. Her step mother
told many lies about tam to her father, he let her do anything she wanted
to Tam. Tam did a lot of work for the evil step mother. She wanted to do
more and more harm to her because she was prettier than her daughter.

The Tale of Cinderella and Tam differs in three categories:
First: Tam has only one elder evil stepsister while Cinderella has two.
Second: Tam loses her slipper in a stream while escaping the festival after
her step mom and step sis had discovered her and ran after her,, while
Cinder loses her glass slipper in order to get home before midnight time.
Third: Cinderella forgives her two sisters but Tam cooks her evil sisters
and made her step mom eat her own daughter.
The Tale of Cinder and Tan are the same in three categories:
First: Cinder and Tam both have evil sisters that hurt them.
Second: Cinder was wearing heels to a ball and so was Tam.
Third: Tam and Cinder's fathers both marry evil woman.

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