Social Media Paper
Michelle Delamotte
December 14, 2015
Patricia (Mary) Morriss

It has become very easy to obtain information from social media, and this happens instantaneously. It is essential to appreciate all advantages and disadvantages before making use of social media.
One advantage of easily obtainable information is expediency. It is convenient for people to be in one place and catch the hottest news, listen to the fresh top songs on the billboard charts, watch and share the music videos to those songs, while at the same time holding conversations through chat with multiple friends instantly. This is easier than reading a whole newspaper, watching TV, listening to the radio and talking on the phone at once to achieve the same thing. It enables one to multitask and do those things efficiently, while conforming to society’s intolerant nature.
A disadvantage to effortlessly accessible information is when critical or sensitive information is available when it ought not to be. It is untoward when a person is using social media and finds that a family member perished in a car accident before the information can be passed to the family in a proper way. Not all news should move fast and be easily come-at-able
Advantages of Social Media:
When using social media to promote products, it could be utilized to make cost effective campaigns and strategies that can generate viral results without difficulty. Social media has the ability to drive traffic to a blog, website and articles.
Social media is brings people together, particularly when advertising global products or cause-related drives and ideas because it enables people from the diverse geographical spots to get together at a single point and convey their opinions.
Social media can be used as a spark for people looking intending to attract attention to various sites as well as products or service. It could also be additionally utilized to put up loyalty and lasting relations with a person’s audience. Social media advertising is always an entertaining and innovative method of conducting business.
Disadvantages of Social Media:
Incorrect on-line brand approach could lead a viral social disadvantage and may still injure your repute, i.e., when you make a blunder offline, a not many will know but when you mess in the presence of online population/ audience, a lot of them will know!
Using social media for marketing and advertising could be more time consuming than companies expect. In order to get social media’s full effect, you need to understand how it works, when and how to use it and which channels to focus on depending on your end goal of using social media.
Social media can have a negative influence on worker productivity. Employees may waste valuable time using social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. They can also use social media to attack the company’s reputation. When social media is used excessively or in the wrong way, it could have serious detrimental outcomes on both mental and even physical health of individuals.
Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of social media can alter the way person uses it in several ways. Understanding how a community of followers can boost sales of a business with free advertisement may encourage one to use it as a tool than personal amusement. The disadvantage of negativity and bullying can make a person use social media in a more private forum. Most social networking sites allow people to choose what information and photos are viewable by the public. This is a helpful feature in customizing in how one uses social media.
There are many credibility issues that can arise from information found on the Internet. Before the Internet people would rely on news broadcasting or newspapers. Typically when a reporter publishes a story it needs valid sources and those sources need to be confirmed and reliable. The Internet sprung a different type of media. It gives the average person the platform to talk about anything they want without reliable sources. One’s opinion suddenly became the focus of a news story than one’s research and hard work to prepare facts. This makes a majority of the Internet not credible.
Understanding how social media works can be a useful tool for a business interested in free advertising. It can also be a beneficial networking method between friends and family who live far apart. However, there are many