Social Media Platforms and Your Career

Tiffany Sabala


Leigh Pethe

June 18, 2017

Using Social Media for Career Networking

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the three different social media
platforms I consider most effective to network within Health Information
Administration. LinkedIn is the most business oriented site of the three
as its members are professionals from multiple fields, which when a profile
is posted on the site millions of professionals can gain access to my
profile. Also, the site offers the possibility for me to market my skills
and expand my personal network by making a resume like profile available to
current contacts and potential employers. One interesting feature about
using LinkedIn to network within Health Information Administration is that
it allows the posting of relevant information on my profile. It also makes
sure that I am more marketable in the eyes of potential employers as the
more information about my skills that are posted the better, in addition, I
need to make sure to post enough information on work experience, formal
education, and professional accomplishments, and selecting a suitable
profile image that will make me stand out and more wanted by potential
employers. LinkedIn offers the possibility of modifying my searches, with
personal interests. For instance, it offers the ability to research how
linked a professional is to the company posting a job, offers the option to
follow companies and businesses that we as members are interested in. When
looking for a job on LinkedIn you can investigate recruiters through
LinkedIn pages.
An article from Gallo (2011) suggests that social media can help a
professional move forward in his or her career by giving a them an
opportunity to build a personal brand online, and advertise it among
colleagues and peers, social media can help a professional demonstrate his
or her skill with all things digital. Lastly, social media offers
professionals learning opportunities that allow a way to identify and
follow trends in his or her areas of interest, or to ask questions about a
specific field or job search (Gallo, 2011).
In addition, Facebook and Twitter can be considered effective tools
for Career Networking. Although, these sites are viewed as social
networking sites, they can help create a professional online image. Today,
companies use Facebook and Twitter as tools to find new employees. The same
approach used on LinkedIn can be used with Facebook and Twitter, as I can
follow companies that are within the Health Information field, which will
expose me to current events within those companies. When it comes to
twitter a I can create online presence by retweeting or sharing information
about such companies. I can show my knowledge by becoming an online
advisor by sharing reports on the matter and using Facebook or Twitter to
publish them.


In sum, social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
are great tools that serve for social interaction, as well as, tools for
professional career growth when applying the appropriate tactics.


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