Social Media Platforms for Health Care Facilities
Samantha Ermoian
July 27, 2015
Patricia Morriss
Social Media Platforms for Health Care Facilities
I currently work as a med tech for a memory care facility; unfortunately all our residents are at the end stage of Alzheimerís or Dementia. Being as the job is very mentally draining it is hard to find employees that are long term. Also, we have to make sure we keep a full house at all times, in order to keep our small facility running. Facebook, Craigslist, and our Website, are three different types of social media platforms that are most efficient in promoting the quality care that we provide. These three different types of social media platforms allow us to provide beneficial information to our audience.
Craigslist is a classified advertisement websites ranging from house rentals to for sale items and even jobs. Craigslist allows you to give a brief description of the kind of work we do, information on our location, and what kind of employee we are looking for. Any time we are looking to employee we post adds on craigslist, this site allows people to look for work in their area and provide information before you apply. Facebook provides the ability to give people a visual inside to what the facility looks like. By uploading pictures of the facility people will get a better visual image of the home they will live in. Like craigslist it also has you provide a background on your business, Facebook will benefit the view of our audience and provide and area for their feedback. People can follow, share, and like your page all of these provide a notification to their friends that they did one of these things. Then others get curious clicking on your link and thatís how the word spreads about your company. Our website does not allow feedback from our audience, but it does allow us to provide a very detailed picture of our staff. As well as, what our facility provides for our residents and how much of a home our facility feels like. All of these social media platforms work in diverse ways, and they all assist our company to strive in giving quality care to our residents.
When creating a professional social media platform it is important for you to know which sites will benefit the advertisement of your company. Facebook, craigslist, and making your own website are all free for people to use which saves your business in advertisement cost. It is also important to know all the information that your audience will want to know and provide that on your profiles. A lot of people turn to sites like Google to search for what they are looking for. Someone may type in health care facilities and our Facebook page will show up as well as our craigslist add and our business web page. Three ways that gives quality information out to people looking to place their family member or looking for a place of employment. They gain information and a visual on our facility before they even walk in. Our community is very fast paced now, not wanting to waste any time they want to know what they are getting beforehand. For businesses it is important to keep up with the latest ways to communicate with others. These social media platforms can be extremely beneficial to expand little companies as well as promote larger businesses too.