Solving Personal Problem: Applying the Five-Step Model
Breanna O. Green
September 21, 2015
Robin Asher

There are two things in this class that I will never forget and they are the five-step model, becoming a critical thinker with the eight step process. The five steps include identifying a problem, the cause and effects of the problems, creating solution to solving the problem, critically think of the best option from step four to solve the problem, act, monitor and if needed modify the problem. This lesson is very important to me because I always have a really personal issue that I didn\'t really think until now. I have managed to take this lesson and apply it into my personal problem and so far for my family
The five-step model, that I think I am a problem solver. The problem solver are a thinker who focuses on the problem as stated and tries to synthesize information knowledge to achieve a solution, ( ).
In my personal life, I always have problem being the victim of be bullying in school. Bullying causes so many problems to another victim and another bully. Those bullies always pick on me, about how I have bad as hamed, the way I talk, and the way I move. The bully always laughs at me because I was unpopular and had no friends. All I could do is kept it to me until she really pushed my button. To me, the reason, why bullies bullying to another person maybe have a life-long related to bullying.
What I really should have done in the past was to tell my parent or my teacher that I was dealing with the bully. But I went to do something really different, which was I talk to my bully that was very wrong for bullying to another person, because nobody really want anybody to bully anybody. After, that we decide to be friend. Sh e became my best friend for life.

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