Sonny's Blues

Response paper for "Sonny?s Blues"

The story "Sonny?s Blues" depicts the life of two brothers, the oldest being a prominent teacher and the youngest, Sonny a musician and drug user. The story opens as the brother learns of Sonny?s arrest for the use of heroin, he contemplates about it all day
and cannot seem to forget. On his way out of the high school he notices a friend of Sonny?s waiting to once again remind him of the shocking news. After a period of regret and sorrow passes, and after the death of his daughter Gracie, he decides to write to
Sonny in prison. When Sonny responds to his letter he feels like a coward, as if he should have done something to prevent the whole situation. The two brothers remain in
constant touch. When Sonny comes back to New York the two brothers meet, and Sonny goes to his house for dinner. The oldest brother then begins to reminisce on their past and the time that his mother asked him to guide Sonny in the right direction when she
passed away.
No matter how tough times get, people should always stick by their family members and be there for them. If Sonny and his brother would have stood beside each other they would not have been faced with the dilemmas that each of them encountered. Naturally it is true that Sonny?s brother could not have possibly kept him from doing heroin. However, if he would have been constantly present in Sonny?s life it may have terminated Sonny?s thoughts of using drugs. The theme in this story is carefully placed into effect so that the reader can better relate to it and make a connection with their own
If the story had not taken place in the filthy and underdeveloped area of Harlem it would not have been as touching and realistic as it is. Hearing of the grubby streets and their way of living, makes the reader feel for the characters? life and presence. As you read the story you can truly sense what the character is feeling and gain an admirable perception of the characters life. The two main characters in the story are Sonny and his brother who is at no time given a name nor a nickname. These two brothers are entirely different but, in the end seem to begin to better understand each others reason for life a little bit better than in the beginning. Throughout the story the two brothers seem to drift apart several times, always leaving you with a hope that they will reunite as brothers and begin to support each other once again. Since the story relates to everyday events in the world the reader
is able to compare it to circumstances that are dear to their heart leaving them with constant thoughts of the story.
The story is told from the eyes of the oldest brother. This leads the reader to better understand his emotions and the way he views what is destined to happen. It is only appropriate for him to narrate the story because of the responsibility that his mother
placed on him when she passed away. Through his narration the reader is capable of recognizing his guilt and remorse of not fulfilling his mothers wish to protect Sonny.
The story "Sonny?s Blues" is the prime example of day to day events that are happening all around the world. Families everyday are struggling to maintain their closeness. Each day someone in the world is striving for support and regard. This story could truly become an eye opener for those of us who do not keep in close contact withour loved ones.