Sony Company Product Marketing
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Question #1: Does this marketer specialize in convenience, shopping, specialty, or unsought products (or a combination)? Look at all the products for this question
The Sony Company is specific in purchasing as a type of customer product. Sony models are an electronic company whose main goods are Audio and Video Electronic devices (3D TVs, Blue ray discs/DVR, DVDs among others). Shopping goods are a person creation that the customer usually analyzes on features such as quality, price and style in the process of choosing and purchasing. Thus, a difference between the two types of customer products provided so far is that the purchasing method usually less frequently bought and more properly compared. Therefore, customers spend much more persistence in collecting information and evaluating solutions (Etzel, 2007).
Question #2: At what stage in the product life cycle are the products (choose 3 products, try to pick products in different phases of the PLC)? Why are they in this stage?
Introduction - 3D TVs
The product is at this level because of a release of something new. The dimension the market for the method small, which implies product sales are low, although they will be improving. On the other hand, the cost of things like analysis and growth, customer examining, and the marketing required to produce the product can be very high, especially if it's an aggressive industry.
Growth - Blue ray discs/DVR
The product is at this point because Sony models Company can start to take advantage of financial systems of range in manufacturing, the income, as well as the overall amount of benefit, will improve. This makes it possible for companies to spend more money in the marketing action to improve the prospective of this development level.
Maturity - DVD
The product is at this point because the method established and the aim for the maker is now to maintain the business they have built up. This is probably the best time for most products and businesses need to spend smartly in any marketing they perform.
Question #3: Is the marketer's product mix wide, long, deep, and consistent? How can you tell?
Sony designs models is one of the most favored producers of digital product s, as it produces digital cam, PlayStations, TVs, Film Program, enjoyment. But the product which Sony designs models is going to obtain truly is nothing but a 3D TV, which is really excellent and is in a well-known need because customers like it a lot (Mayer, 2011).
Sony models is going to produce its new 3D TV truly (June).it is going to present 3 different kind of 3d TV which will have some exclusive function following are the 3 kinds of TV namely; ' LX903, 'NX803, ' HX903. The approximated price of LX903 according to the Sony models is '3,500 and the dimensions of the LX903 is 60 inches and the NX803 will price '2,500,which will range from the built-in passed on LCD effective shutter cups which will provide the clients can use an actual 3D impact (Mayer, 2011). .
Sony models are a big company so it has finalized the agreement with big companies like Sainsbury, Curry, PC World and TV World. This agreement says that Sony models are only going to promote its cool product to these companies. But even little suppliers are going to promote the new Sony models 3D TV so that clients may get some lower price and they can savor the encounter with new Sony models 3D TV (Mayer, 2011).
It is the process of associating the decision of strategy wisely to the target audience in order to accomplish exchange between the marketers and the client that may satisfy the reason for both client and the company. A company s promotional effort is just to create attention about it, its services and products among customers (Mayer, 2011).
Question #4: Are most of the brands distributed in the U.S., other countries, or both? How do the strategies tend to differ from one country to another? If you can't find strategies, pick a country and speculate how you might have to market the product differently
Yes, most manufacturers are allocated in U.S and UK. Sony models uses the ideal of Price: Sony's considering their price of product on the foundation of efficient classification, its mean take example of VAIO laptop, if we