Spring Time

the frost held for many weeks, until all the living species were almost drift away with the silence of frost. everywhere on the surfaces was fullfilled with many layers of frigid clear crystal. suddenly, one morning drew near along with everything become alive after the winter had gone. then the fresh air of spring approached. the elegant spring season is one that everyone desires, the atmosphere that awakes living creatures as a result of the beauty of nature.

as the little gleams of sunrise at dawn, the birds begin singing their songs and sending noises into the air. the images that deliver signals for children getting ready for the spring brake which could hide them from those rough days in school. and family could gather around int he back yard to dig the soil and spraying seeds fro gardening. likewise, in the garden where as everyone could take their first breaths of fragrance that comes from the blooming flower. even the bees and butterflies could have their first lift in the garden that poured with the glowing and shining color of the tender blossom. yet the doves continue cooing throughout their chorus.

such a long, long winter has held children in the caves as young dder had their ffet tied. now is a time for the twilight stars to be out on their feet withjoy and laughter. friends that gather around for climbing trees, playing seek and hide, or even building tree houses. also the girls could have the flower-basket held in their hands while wondering around int he greenhouse picking the glamorous flowers while the boys could diving hteir kites int he blue sky.

in the yellow-shiny sunset, the salty wind has brought calmness and peacefulness in a way that everyone admires to spend their times to feel the warmness and the comfortness with the love ones on the paving stone while the triumph of the whisper of waves that wash on the shore. the fun of building sanded castle and splashing of water that friends and family experience is like the memories taht stamping on the rocks. the listening of surfing thru the high waves sounded like the crying out of rocks thath being smacked by the extreme bitterness of the ocean spray. the beach itself is filled with a vast spces of sand that children' play becomes dazzled by numerous footprints.

throughout the gracefulness and the loveliness of the spring, everyone ought to embed all their memories and feelings deep inside. soon there will be the frosty and thick sheet of ice that resolve everything into freeze white. the impassioned and sympathetic aspects of springtime will endow everyone with pleasure during their brutal time in the winter season.