tty theft more commonly called stealing is a unimaginative and pathetic crime. A crime that is reserved for the poor and the helpless. People with nothing left, who resort to stealing in a last ditch effort of survival. Third world countries and slums are the breeding grounds for a social class that fits this definition. Last place one should find this crime being committed is in a middle American suburban utopia by a innocent faced girlfriend. A girlfriend who happened to be mine.
She was caught stealing a bottle of chap-stick for a grand total of two dollars and thirty three cents. Picking her up from home on route to school the next morning she told me what had happened. She explained how she was a dollar short and it was totally the cutest chap-stick ever. The way she carried herself throughout the conversation sickened me. Not only was she associated by crime to people I think less of everyday, she lacked the intelligence to successfully steal chap-stick. Other people with the same views at my cookie cutter suburban high-school judged her, not only judged her but segrated her. Being her boyfriend and seeing the schools reaction I was ashamed of her. They gave me the same judgmental looks as they did to her. Being the arrogant boyfriend I was, this pushed me away.
My attitude of her changed almost instantly from that car ride. In my eyes she was always seen as an equal. Now though in light of new evidence she associated herself with a group of people that I\'m not to keen on. I could not see her as an equal anymore. If I did, then I would have to associate myself with the third world social class I had always prided myself on being above. These feeling of inequality brought upon an heir of superiority. In my eyes I was a greater person than her. I never would boss her around or be demanding, after the heist, this was a daily occurrence