The topic of stress among college student has been the subject of much research for many years. Researchers have found that the perception of high stress levels in students can lead to poor academic performance, depression, attrition, and serious health problem. Thus, this study has important implications for higher education administrators.
It is believe that the stress perception of nursing faculty and students is higher than the general student population. (Beck and Srirastara, 1991; Carter, 1982.). Reasons for this are A.) Nursing student has the same stressors as other college students such as assignments, paper works, quizzes, and major exams. B.) However, nursing students also experiences stress in clinical area; including the stress for long travel to clinical sites, pressure in procedure perform, fear of committing a mistake, time pressure, dealing with different kind of patients.
Therefore, researchers have documented that perceived stress levels and high in nursing students (Burke, 1999; Malt,1996; Shiver 2000). However, is this perception of stress in nursing students varies in every school? This study will attempt to identify whether or not there is a difference in the perceived stress levels in coping styles of nursing students among the different nursing school in the province of Nueva Vizcaya.
Since currently, our society is experiencing nursing shortage it is just imperative that the nursing profession is able to recruit and retain qualified nurses. High perceive stress levels and lack of effective copying skills hinders this goals. Therefore, schools and colleges must assess their problem to identify effective strategies in dealing with it.