Thesis Statement:
Private Pyle is pushed to his point in Marine boot camp. He goes through heavy stress that takes him to a psychotic break. This is in turn causes him to commit suicide
What is stress?
Stress is the physiological and psychological response to a condition that threatens or challenges a person and requires some form of adaptation or adjustment (mastering the world of psychology, 2011). Factors that cause stress are in everyday routines: being stuck in traffic, receiving unpleasant news about a loved one, helping a child with homework etc. Stress can affect a person?s health by causing chest pains, headaches, upset stomachs, elevated blood pressures, and also affect your sleep (webmd.com, 2012).
How was Pyle stressed?
Pyle was stressed through the change he had to experience physically and mentally. The physical change was the aggressive workouts such as climbing the obstacles. The obstacles caused stress because of the demand to overcome his fear of heights. Also being put down and belittled for not being able to execute ?simple? task such as chin ups or marching. Mentally Pyle was stressed because of drill instructors attitude towards him. Sergeant Hartman would single out Pyle from the platoon to deride him and make him feel as if he were worthless. For example: on the first day he was choked for smiling and also called gay. These things cause stress and later built up into something more.
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Pyle and training
In boot camp Pyle was pushed more and more every day. The training grew more intense and the insults doubled. Because of Pyle?s weight he had trouble doing the tasks the platoon did such as running, chin ups, obstacle courses, and marching. Sergeant Hartman made no mistake of forgetting to torment Pyle about his weakness. Pyle made countless mistakes that put himself in jeopardy as well as the platoon. These mistakes he made brought him the hatred of the platoon. While Pyle was sleeping he was tied down and ganged up by the Platoon. From that day on Pyle became quiet and angered. Also, he spoke to his rifle. Training was the source of the stress which leads to his psychotic break.
Reason Pyle turned Psychotic
A combination of stress and poor coping skills turned Pyle against himself. The stress
levels rose so high that he became mentally unbalanced. Stress can make people lose focus on reality and also drop there principals. When reality is lost those people become stuck in their own world. This is known as being Psychotic. Pyle also did not have good coping skills while in boot camp. He would stay stuck in the moment and would not move forward. The other guys in the platoon worked with the pain and insults from sergeant Hartman. Because Pyle did not cope with the boot camp lifestyle he reacted differently. The off balance from stress and poor coping skills caused Pyle to commit suicide.

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Brief Psychotic disorder
The last week Pyle was talking to his rifle and ignoring the rest of the platoon. The effects
of the disorder lasted about a week before Pyle shot sergeant Hartman as well as himself. Most
disorders such as this last a few days to a month depending on the situation. (allpysch.com,2003)

What is suicide?
Suicide is when you become very depressed and you personally eliminate yourself
from the world. Thinking irrationally normally is the cause of depression.

Events that led Pyle to commit suicide
Events that led to Pyle?s suicide are: constant insults, not being physically fit, personal
mistakes in training, making mistakes that led to consequence for the whole platoon, and a
beating from the platoon. These events caused Pyle to lose control and kill the source of his
problems (sergeant Hartman) and himself.

Is the military doing anything about psychotic breaks?
The military treats troops or anyone in boot camp with the possibility of a psychotic break.
Over the years many people in the military have committed suicide due to high stress levels. This
was ignored until a few years ago. Now when there is a sign of mental weakness the troops are to
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immediately report it. Also, the military has developed a suicide hotline. The numbers of suicide
has decreased since the government put up this rule in the military. (preventsuicide.net, 2009)