Stressed desserts

We are the generation responsible of the formation of a new beginning . We are the ones responsible for the change that everyone wishes upon our world. We are still learning about and experiencing life.

We have the opportunity to learn new things, and to change the things w e've learnt. W e have the opportunity to explore , discover, to share our discoveries that could possibly be the answer to the change the world supposedly needs, or it could possibly just be for enriching sake.

We are a picture of hope for many people. Hope that we could resolve all co nflicts, hope that we could rectify things such corruption, poverty, hunger and pollution. Hope that we could better society by creating a more acce pting, educated and safe environment. We are the generation expected to be great.

Our generation is put under an enormous amount of pressure. We are expected to form a new beginning even though, we ourselves , can't finish.

This amount of pressure causes massive amounts of anxiety. Anxiet y boiling down to the apprehension of academic pressure , societies idea of per fection, wealth standards, intelligence levels, rank of success , the idea of acceptance and the want of accomplishment.

Generation x is expected to be the cherr y on top, the fix to all problems , the one that tops all . Creating a generation of angst. A generation of people that could be described as walking stressed des s erts.

With the amount of stress our bodies are exposed to it can lead to impaired cognitive ability. This is because stress causes your neurons to shrink and demise , leading to your brain not being able to reach its full potential, with things such as memory.
Research shows that the stress of a teenage life has increased by an average of 24% between female and male adolescents, due to academic and societal pressure.

In saying this, it seems that our generation has been brainwashed into believing that the most important fundamentals of our lives has aggregated into academics.

We are forced to accept that without extraordinary academic results , we will not succeed. We are f orced to believe that if we do not achieve higher then the academic standard society set s for us, we will fail. It is said that education is the investment our generation makes towards the future.

But h ow can we be expected to reach these unimaginably high standards of cognitive ability when the stress of reaching these unintelligible expectations results in a cognitive inability?

Instead of our generation being expected to accomplish the certain standard set by society, we should be expected to succeed the goals we set for ourselves, resulting in the individuals of our generation doing as well as we wish and also as well as we can.

Our generation will not fail because we do not abide by supposed ways neede d for success, but rather, we will flourish because we are a new generation. A new generation that will effectuate innovative - ness. A new generation that is not afraid to step outside the box of "norm".

A generation rid of need to attain societal standards is a generation rid of walking stressed desserts.