Structural Inequality
Gentrification - The process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deterring areas that often displaces poorer residents (1). In simpler terms in my opinion gentrification is when developers see an opportunity to make money off of a low-income community. They buy a lot of property and fix them into high end housing and shopping and eating areas so they can bring in wealthier buyers which starts to drive the property value up until the people who were once living there are no longer able to afford it.

I do think that gentrification in a way reinforces structural racism; Take a look at North Philadelphia section of the city where temple university is located. This area is historically black and low-income where the medium is about $17,00 to $19,00 per household according to (2). The the past ten years the school has really called for a large amount of off campus housing development; this lead to developers buying up what ever land they could for a low price and converting it into pricey housing for students to live off of campus with while pushing out the people who once lived in these areas. Now lets take a northen liberties section